All Shark Tank Products for Daily Uses (Part: 02)

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Safety Nailer

This will keep the hand secure from the hammer when it hits the nail. The product is made up of ABS ( acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, neodymium magnets which keep the nails intact, multiple grooves of different sizes and diameters, elastic straps and a hinge. Safety nailers makes it easier to hammer the nails. It also has the capability to steady nails at a movable angle to where it should be hammered. Lastly, one of the functions of the nailer is to protect sharp edges by using its chamfered edges design. It consists of two types: the Framing nailer and the Finish nailer.


Bohana Popped Water Lily Seeds

To prepare this snack, they first hand-picked the seeds then roasted it. After roasting, the seeds will be packed and shipped to the United States. During the process of roasting, the pea-sized seeds will pop to burstly open the seeds. After popping the seeds, it will be seasoned with spices. The snack comes in three flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt, Soulful Spice and Wild White Cheddar. The seeds are rich in antioxidants, fiber and kaempferol, and a flavonoid, usually used for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. It also contains amino acids, fish, soybeans, rice and wheat, and protein with less calories and fat.


KidsLuv Vitamin Infused Flavored Water

The purpose of creating this beverage is to hydrate children. It contains 12 nutritious vitamins and organic fruit. The ingredient also includes Stevia which is used as an alternative for sugar, In using the alternative sugar, the snack will be calorie free and have no effects on blood sugar and levels of insulin. Its volume is 80z, packed with a Tetra Pak carton that is resealable and no need for straw. They consist of two flavors which are Flamango and Starstruck Coconut. The flavors are both GMO approved and vegan, kosher and gluten are free of their ingredients.


Bertello Pizza Ovens

Through the use of this oven, cooked in a standard home oven is possible. It was called Napoli Pizza Oven in the past years. The oven is used outdoors. It is made portable and wood, charcoal or pellets are used for fueling. It can resist hot surfaces until 930 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. It is made of insulated ceiling and floor. An attached cordierite baking stone and a bartello propane gas burner designed in the oven. The oven can also cook meat, fish and vegetables. It can also be used during camping and in public picnics.


Goumi Kids and Baby Clothes

This baby clothing has antimicrobial agents. It is created from 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton. The fabric can keep the baby warm during cold climates and can let the baby be cool during hot seasons. The valero straps and ample elastic are applied in the wrists and ankles which let the baby put in place.

The clothes are made in different styles. These are goumi mitts used for newborns to all different sizes. GoumiBoots  that grips the sole and can be adjusted as the baby becomes taller from ages 6-12 months old. GoumiJamms for the baby’s wiggles and wobbles.


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