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Shark Tank Products: Tech and Electronics

Technical inventions erupted in its peak in today’s modern times. There are many updates and upgrades that are happening on the devices that we controlled. These products from Shark Tank are tech and electronics with high quality and consider to be a trusted brand.


Ball Throwable Wireless Microphone

Created by Shane Cox and his brand Peeq. This is a soft round blue ball that serves as a throwable wireless microphone. It is quicker to set it up than a standing microphone. 

The microphone can be used for video conferencing , group discussions and podcasting. The range of this product measures 75 feet with a mic inserted inside the round blue ball. The receiver can be connected to any kinds of speaker system.


Guard Llama Personal Safety Device Calls 911

Joseph Parisi  and Nick Nevarez get their inspiration in inventing guard llama when calling security because fierce animals are about to strike.The device helps in a quick response of security personnel during emergencies. You don’t have to dial 911, all you need to do is press the button for help and 911 personnel will be coming at your doorstep.

For the gadget to work, press the button twice and an image of you, your medical history and your GPS location in a 9 feet distance will immediately be given to the police dispatch to rescue victim  in the nick of time.


Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

This is the first skateboard that is made by electric motors located inside the wheel. In using it, you don’t have to use gears or belts. The skateboard weighs 14 pounds and can load a 250 pounds skater then ride up to 24 mph. The acceleration is predictable.and smooth. The controls are easy to step on.It can uphill to 15 degrees incline. This gadget can be used from 7-10 miles when in full charge. The batteries are charged in 90 minutes. It has a Bluetooth remote control with LED headlights in front. It is good to skate even at night time because of the lights. The item is good for exercise.


Frend Designer Headphones.

Their headphones have the highest sound quality with different designs like Taylor collection, the Layla collection, FrendsX Swarovski, Zirconia, Frends with Dolce and Gabanna collection and Frends X BaubleBar collection. It is a removable outer covering cap. This headphones has a built-in microphone and settings for music and phone. The ear cushions are made of memory foam for the earring wear. This headphone is comfortable for use. It was designed excellently with care. 


Linka-Smart-Bluetooth Bike Lock

This can be easily attached to the body of your bicycle. The lock is built-in in the bike. Just press the lock and automatically close the bike from moving. A siren will be heard when somebody wants to steal the bike. The device can be connected to any other Linka through the use of bluetooth to track the stolen bike. In having this gadget, your bike is secured and so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on any sidewalk. As long as you have the lock, nobody can steal the bike from you.

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Shark Tank Products: Toys, Kids and Babies

Equipment used for kids should not be hazardous. Shark Tank products are safe materials for children. The products will undergo a series of tests before it will be approved by the Shark Tank.


Space Traveller Kids Car Seat Cover

The space traveller is durable and easy to clean fabric. The weight is 32x19x19. When folded it sizes into 13x13x3. Each kid has its own back seat. The sides have windows that can be open and close. Each pocket on both sides of the seat cover is used for storage of all the kid’s stuff.


Potty Safe Child Proof Potty Training Toilet

Potty safe is styled with childproof latch, non-slip feet and an attached splash guard. It was produced by Stacy and Colt Hall. The product was given an award as a Creative Child Product of the Year in 2019. In the same year, the product received another award as a 2019 Baby Maternity Top Choice Award. The training toilet is the best there is for toddlers who want to eliminate. It is the right choice of product to train kids for their toilet training.


SlumberPod Privacy Tent for Toddlers

This product is easy to fix or unfixed. It is a privacy tent that encloses a playard, travel or mini crib and mattress so that the child will sleep comfortably when you travel. The item was made up to 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It weighs lightly at about 50x36x56 and can be folded to 17x5x6 that is fitting in a luggage.It is safe to use after passing the required Juvenile Product Safety Test and an Advance Testing for the Pod that it has a low hazard to carbondioxide rebreathing. It can be qlean quickly. The item can be spot clean or machine washed and then air dried. The product won National Parenting Product Awards – Baby and Toddler Products Category. The training toilet was also awarded the Creative Child’s 2019 Travel Product of the Year for Babies.


Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Kits

Yumble kids is an ordered menu that delivers in the home for kids ages 1-12. The personnel for the meal preparation are experts who know what’s not good to children.Some foods can cause allergic reactions to children. The kitchens of yumble kids are strictly following guidelines of USDA inspection. The meals are coded cooked and packaged in insulated boxes with ice packs inorder still be fresh when it arrives at your door.


The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

During Easter time, you can see different designed eggs for the Easter festival. This was designed by Scott Houdashell of Amarillo Texas. Inspired by his nieces and nephews messy egg coloring Scott created prototypes in different forms. In the year 2016, he had an egg model for calories. The container of the egg-shaped holds the hard boiled eggs intactly. The egg can be spinned around. You use the marker to create a design of the spinning hard-boiled egg. The colored markers that mark the egg are non-toxic, It is safe to use and does not cause any hazards to children.

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Shark Tank Products: Sports and Outdoors

There are tools and equipment needed when doing sports and going outdoors.It will be a maximum fun experience outdoors if everything is in place and all materials that you will use are all packed. There will be no anxious feelings when you play sports.

 Kymera Electric Body Board                                                                                                      Jason Woods is the creator of Kymera Electric Body Board who has a real passion for product design. To use the board: lay down on the deck padded with neoprene. For the acceleration and deceleration, use the hand trigger and wheeled it using the hips and feet.

At top speed, it can ride around at 20 mph. The body board of Jason Woods was one of the 10 winners of the Popular Science in 2011 Invention of the Year. The kymera is less expensive and more convenient than the watercraft.


Pick Up Pools For Truck Bed

Tom Prestella is the founder and CEO of Pick Up Pools. This product is made up of 20 ml polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has a patent pending stretch to it so that it will stay in place over it’s corners. There are no cords and ropes needed. The bottom, both sides and exterior flaps are welded so it will be impenetrable and tearing resistant.

After pooling, open the drain then water flows out. You don’t need to lower the tailgate. The vinyl is made in Virginia and the pool is assembled in California. It is one of the Best Camping Accessories of 2017 and Gadget Flow, a created e-commerce marketplace has given the Pick Up Pool a Five-Star rating.


Sproing Fitness Low Impact Running Surface

The product offers sponges, soft surfaces with elastic resistance bands to keep your posture to a right running position: leaning forward and step down with the heel instead of the forefoot in a low impact. Sproing Fitness has approved the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is characterized by the intervals between high-intensity cardiovascular and strength on power exercises.

Doing the exercise in 45 minutes which is a 10-minute warm-up and 30 minutes of Intense Interval Training which results in fat burning, muscle toning and exercise body conditioning.


Ski-2 Rolling Ski Carrier

Ski-2 is a carrier lift for skiing. It is a caddy on a wheel with a low precision bearing. To put your ski in the caddy, insert in then tie it with a Velero hook and loop fastener. The ski can be pulled out or pushed in the caddy on any surface. It is styled with roll-over is easy carrying it in the snow pavement or ground. The carrier is light in weight and can be fitted easily in the ski jacket pockets.

SnapClips Baseball Collar for Weights

Martin Dimitrov and Ryan Caulfield are the ones who introduced snap clips. They decided to enter it in the District 214 start-up showcase and won first place and a $400 prize. This product is formulated from military grade Kevlar. In using their snapclip , it secures weights easily. Weights stay in place during heavy lifting and repeated drops. Using the item for the weights will prevent from accidental hazards.



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Services Of Shark Tank Products

Giving services to customers is a manual job. You need handwork and reliable personnel to do the job well. Pleasing customers and giving their satisfaction in your services is the most valuable attitude to be effective.


NerdIT Now Phone And Computer Repair – Shark Tank Products

The owner of this repair shop is Markevis Gideon whose passion is technology. During his student years, one of his teachers allowed him to make repairs on an old computer and amazingly he was able to get the job done.

He started his business in 2015. After pricing approval, the company works by letting their customers drop off their computers. The kiosk will now send a signal to the repairing team then one of them will get out from the ‘ambulance’ to repair the device and if it cannot be immediately repaired, they will have to bring the device back to the storefront if necessary.


DNA Simple Generic Research Match-Maker

The purpose of this service is for genetic matchmaking with research world studies. More donors are needed for the purpose of treatment studies.


Prepwell Academy is a virtual project for teenage students and their parents for self-discovery, reflections and preparations. The goal of their services is for students inorder for them to enhance their critical thinking for the personal and professional skills to face the real world.

Their learning instructions are given through video advice, life skills and programs. The lessons will be held for 3-5 minutes. There is also one to one counselling when needed.


Recharj Meditation and Napping Studio. Daniel Turissini was the creator of recharj. He has a habit of having a short nap during his work day. According to NASA, sleeping pilots and astronauts found out that 40 minutes of sleep in a day will improve the performance of the workers by 34% and 100% alertness.


Hotels By Day. This is the ideal place to stay when you want to unwind. It is a very convenient and affordable place to stay to have a little time for yourself. There are no booking fees, email confirmation, free cancellation until last minute.


Emazinglights. Gloving is the art of showing a light show using gloves that illuminates. Your fingers create a pattern of lights and movements. It’s a very entertaining amazing art light when it is put on a show.


Freaker USA – Bottle Insulators. The company creates bottles in different sizes and styles.These are designs available: Baberaha Lincoln, The Kim Jong Illest and The Shaquille O’Peel. They are the top company among the globe that prevents moist and sweaty beverages.


Vurtego Pogo Sticks. This product holds the world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick. It has many jumps in just a minute and the most flips among the best. The stick is very durable and quality made. It is very indestructible because of the aluminum and stainless component of the stick.


Servicing personnel of Shark Tank gives excellent quality. Every aspect of the services given are well managed and the best personnel are providing the most services that you need.

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Entertainment and Arts Shark Tank Products

All work and no play will make you dull. Entertainment gadgets are helpful to distract your thoughts from work and make you relax for some time. These products of Shark Tank can make you unwind from your haggardness of completing your task or your given assignment from work.


Voyage Air Guitar – Fold Up Guitar. A guitar is the most valuable material that somebody carries if that somebody is a singer or a guitarist of a band.Guitars are sometimes needed to be carried everywhere. It can be an irritating baggage because of its bulkiness in lifting it up in a backpack. The fold-up guitar is the solution for the carriage to make it a lightweight and not be an inconvenience in loading it. It becomes handy all over the place because the guitar fits in without hassle.


Love Pop – 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards. Created by Wombi Rose and John Wise. They were both inspired with the art of paper sculpture resulting in a production of love-pop greeting cards. They were able to create 100 varieties of card designs for the purpose of holidays, birthdays, get-well cards, thank you cards, wedding cards and a lot more. In their site  for the greeting cards, there is a feature where real people will write in their own handwritten to be sent to the recipient but it will be done with an additional fee charge. On how to do it, type your message and order it online and the message will be given to the receiver that is written by a true person.


Singtrix -Home Karaoke System. This item can make bad singers turn into good singers where their voices will become amazing. They can sing like a pro regardless of their natural ability to sing. This system offers a 350 built in professional singing effect and a back up harmony created from your own voice.


Roadblock Portable Wireless Record Player. This is the world’s smallest wireless record player. It measures 4x2x2 inch, weighing 3.2 oz. Owning this portable wireless record player is like listening to a multi-sensory musical experience.


Rocket Skates – Electric Motorized Skates. These rocket skates can be recharged through the use of a non-lithium battery. It can carry up to 275 lbs. This can be connected to a mobile app so settings can be monitored to change according to how fast you can run the blades, distance where you can travel and can also monitor the life battery of the skates. The roller skates can run to 10 miles before it will be out of battery. It can be inclined up to 8% maximum uphill. It can secure your shoes with a strap. It is a stable and lightweight material at 7.5 lbs. It is available in three models: the R-6, R-8 and R-10.

Hamboards – Safeboard Sized Skateboards. Hamboards are giant skateboards that can be used. to surf in the ocean. The deal offered by Daymond and Robert to Shark Tank was $300k and 30% share of the company.

All products are Shark Tank found in Entertainment and Arts category.

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Food And Drink Shark Tank Products

Beverages are important to energize the active and non-active people. It awakens and alerts every fiber of our human system. Added to that, it also gives nutrients like protein, vitamins and electrolytes. It is considered good for your health.


Vade Nutrition Protein Shakes

Michael Rutherford’s review in BreakingMuscle.com, he commented that protein shakes are a “thumbs up”. The food contains the leanest protein in the market. It does not have sugar and each shake has twenty grams of protein, one gram of fat and one gram of carbohydrate. The food passed the standards for the Safe Quality Foods Program (SQFM) and British Retail Consortium. The Shake also received a compliant Certificate given by the FDA.

NUI Low Sugar Diet Cookies

Nui Foods was founded by Kristoffer Quaint and Victor Macias. “Nui” means greatness and abundance. The cookie has low-carb, high fat, sugar free and grain and gluten free.It consists of 1 g of sugar from the almond and coconut flours. They also put fruit extract and erythritol. There are no artificial sweeteners.

Cave Shake Paleo Diet Shakes Keto diet consists of high-fat, low-carb dessert. The diet is very effective in lessening the weight. Ingesting keto diet will promote breaking down of fats in the body. The product was awarded by the Editor’s Choice as “Best New Food” because of the presence of burgeoning keto diet. It comes in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and coffee. 

Sunniva Super Coffee This coffee is a fortified caffeinated premium product whose main goal is to be a leading on-the-go coffee brand. It gives health benefits and boosts the energy of the human system. This coffee is popular among millennials, corporate professionals, recreational and pro athletes, soccer moms and any coffee lover who are healthy conscious. It is very ideal to drink it after a day’s work because it refreshes back your energy upwards before going back again to your work setting.

Oatmeals – Oatmeal Cafe It  comes in three sizes: papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. It is made up of steel-cut oats and has 80 toppings to choose from: fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, sweet stuff, savory stuff, sweet dallops, drizzles and spices.

Oatmeals-oatmeal Cafe is good for drinks when you mix it with your breakfast. It is an excellent choice for food to eat for the day because of the oatmeal ingredient present in the product.

Slate Chocolate Milk  A beverage made for chocolate lovers.The milk chocolate is a natural protein that is rich in vitamins and electrolyte. The product is excellent to the taste. The slate chocolate milk is completely natural with no preservatives, gluten free and non-nuts. It has less sugar content compared to a regular chocolate milk. It can also be a beverage to your kid and might like it so much because of its natural taste.

All products found on this article come from Shark Tank products. It is found  in the food and drink categories. There are other new created products found on this page. You can choose foods that are right for your diet and other beverages that are good to your taste.


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Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Shark Tank Products

Clothing, shoes and jewelry are all outwear to make you stunning and beautiful. Accessories enhance the style and the design of the dress or tops that you wear.

Baobab Polo Shirts The polo shirts are created by Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III. They began by working with engineers and fabric specialists. The shirt is a Pima cotton that is found in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The Pima cotton is moisture wicking and can be stretched for excellent fitting.

It is manufactured through nanotechnology so as not to stain and wrinkled. It also has a boab tree stylized design that represents the African continent known as the “tree of life”.

Sonnet James Play Dresses For Moms This is created by Whitney. It was named Sonnet James in dedication to her two children where their names were taken from. The dress was first posted in a mom blogging community and became a success. Orders uplifted to 150 people who wanted to buy the item thus, Whitney’s business erupted. The product was designed in a simple way. To care for this item, it should be turned inside out when washing in cold water and then dry it on a flat surface or hang it.

Bermies Shorts This is a swimwear product with high quality that consists of 90% polyester that quickly dries and 10% lycra to make the fabric elastic. There are two kinds of styles that are created with this brand. One is the sport cut that has an inseam of 3.5 inches when the sizes are small and medium. While 4.5 inches inseam when it is  large and extra-large sizes. The second brand is the classic cut that has an inseam of 5 inches to 6 inches that depends on the size.

The Elephant Pants This design is made in Thailand. The product comes in different styles from harem pants to pleated work pants, loungers, joggers, leggings and fleece lined pants. There are also tops that are created in a variety of styles. There are flowy kimonos, crop tops, yoga tops and tee shirts.

Riveter – Handbags Made By Military Spouses The owner of this handbag is first made in the attic of Cruse’s home. The owners are a group of community who are American and military spouses. R.Riveter handbag is durable. Every bag created, an ID number of the military spouse is printed.

The Home T-Share and Wear Your Roots T-shirt is made in the U.S.A. It is a soft fabric and comes in different styles like crew neck, V neck, baseball T’s, tank tops and hoodies. Others are pillows, hats, tote bags, decals and shirts for kids.

Debbie Brooks Handbags And Accessories The handbags trademark is crossing over to clutches, phone cases and belt buckles. The products are blended with style and luxury. They are made of leather and silk with silver, gold and metallic accents. Others are designed with Swarovski crystals and diamond dust. The handbag comes in “Magnafabs” that are made with various designs and colors.

All products are found in clothing, shoes and jewelry Shark Tank products category.

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Beauty and Health Shark Tank Products

These products of Shark Tank will make us look more beautiful and at the same time care for our health to protect ourselves from sickness. It is effective in maintaining our well body function.

FUR OIL.  This product helps in softening the hair and skin of every man. It is made up of Grape Seed Oil that absorbs quickly and gives hydration to the skin. Jojoba Oil  that softens hair and skin. Clay Sage Oil that soothes redness and after shaving irritation. The last ingredient is the Tea Tree Oil helps in removing the excess sebum in the pores, stops ingrown hairs and heals skin quickly.

MAKEUP JUNKIE BAGS. The bag is styled in an elongated medial zipper. The lining inside is made up of a waterproof fabric. The outside has a brightly colored zipper with suede tassels. The bag became the hottest thing on the block. It comes in four sizes: Mini (4”x7”), Small (7” x 9”), Medium (8” x 11.5” ) and Large (9.5” x 13). It also comes in different colors like “Havana” (black and white stripes with palm leaves), “Penelope” (fuchsia velvet on the outside cheetah inside), and White Gold” (a glowing vinyl exterior with a soft onyx interior).

GUNNAR COMPUTER GLASSES REDUCE EYE STRAIN.  Using the eyes too much in a long period of time can lead to strain and fatigability. One of the reasons why there is macular degeneration or other serious eye problems when doing virtually, a blue light ray passes through the cornea and lens until it reaches the retina. Gunnar eyeglasses have many designs from professional chic to gaming cool. The lens of the eyeglasses are all the same for both gaming and computer. The frame designs come in different styles like gaming frames, they are styled with a flat temple so as to let the audio headset fit.

Gunnar also creates polarized glasses for the purpose of sighting at bright lights and outdoors. There is also a crystalline lens that is used at true color.

The product can be ordered at Gunnar website or Amazon.

THE SLEEP STYLER – STYLES YOUR HAIR WHILE YOU SLEEP. This product is for curling hairs even during sleeping time. The sleep stylers are made of foam rods that are easy to use. It is not only designed for curling hair but it can straighten hair at the same time.

To use it, wash hair first then wrap the hair with a twist (for curls) or flat (to straighten) by using self-adhesive and ultrasuede strap then you can go to bed and remove in the morning. When using this product, there is no need to use flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron

VIBES HIGH FIDELITY EARPLUGS. Vibes are produced to enhance muffle noisy environments. The earplugs give HD sound. Ear damage can occur at 85dB for vibes it can lessen the volume until 22dB.

If you want orders of the said products, you can go to Shark Tank Products for more details. It is safe and serves as protection from damages of healthy beings.

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Home, Garden and Tools

Tools are important in our day to day lives. It makes our working conditions accessible and easy to do chores. It is also a help for the security purposes in the home to avoid accidents and injuries while living in the house.

DBEST PRODUCTS – TROLLEY DOLLY, COLLAPSIBLE CARTS AND MORE A collapsible cart that carries 80 pounds. It is easy to store when kept in storage.  This product can be used everyday like for groceries, laundries or office supplies. The smart cart weighs 3 pounds but can load 110 pounds. Its Exterior is waterproof. It is a very good design for carrying pack, rolling backpack, duffel bag, lightweight dolly, Cooler and GoCart’s. In using this bag, it avoids damaged posture.

KWIK-HANG CURTAIN ROD BRACKETS  In using this product, it needs to have a step stool, drill, screws, a hammer, nails, a level and a personnel to see to it that it is straight. After installing, it can immediately be used to design the home.

RESCUE READY WINDOW ESCAPE LADDER . The ladder is light weighted that even children can carry it. It is two stories long, reusable and can be folded quickly. It supports until 750 pounds. The product went beyond the standards of American Society for Testing and Materials.

THE BOUQS COMPANY – FLOWERS SHIPPED FROM A VOLCANO  Bouqs is a collection of flowers that grows 10,000 feet above sea level in South America. It is rich in minerals  and ph-balanced soil. It can be delivered to your doorstep within 2-4 days. 

TRUNKSTER – SMART LUGGAGE – SUITCASES FOR MODERN TRAVELERS. Trunkster is an ideal suitcase for modern people who like to travel. It is made of airplane grade aluminum and polycarbonate. This product does not use any zipper because it is made in a convenient sliding door. It is designed for easy accessibility that can be rolled in any direction and from any position. It has a hidden compartment for valuable materials needed for travelling.

THE SKINNY MIRROR – MAKES YOU LOOK SLIMMER  Looking pretty in a mirror all the time could boost the confidence to let out the inner beauty of the self. The skinny mirror shows a skinny reflection every time you look at it. Seeing yourself thin adds more beauty to your human self. This is a great product to always watch yourself image slim.

 EZPEEZ – ADULT AND CHILD TOILET SEAT IN ONE This is a good product for kids and adults. To use it, just flip the front section of the seat’s surface. It makes your kid more comfortable and more accessible in doing bowel elimination.

LUMINAID – INFLATABLE FLOATING SOLAR LIGHT This product lights like a lampshade. It is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and boating. It is waterproof and it floats. Its  power comes from LED lights that can be lighted from 10-16 hours. It can be recharged under the sun for seven hours. It does need any batteries anymore when using it.

These products are all available on Shark Tank site. Open the product details and might like some of it for your convenience.

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Shark Tank Gift Products


Gifts are important in our lives. Gift  represents that they care about the one who receives it. It symbolizes sharing with each other. Gladness will be felt when it is given by somebody you love and care. It will give a smile to their hearts.

DREAMPAD PILLOW PLAYS MUSIC TO HELP YOU FALL ASLEEP. The product activates the body’s relaxation response. It makes the mind unwind so a person can rest peacefully. It is good for people who can’t immediately get their sleep when going to bed. The new pillow can fix sleep problems. The good thing about it plays music through vibrations so only the ones who use the pillow can hear it.

Dreampad’s purpose is for children  that needed to be relaxed due to high levels of anxiety, children who were traumatized and those with autism too. According to parents, the unit worked to help calm kids for all ages and when it’s time for their bedtime, children can immediately sleep. Parents who saw the result, tried it among themselves and were very satisfied with their sleep that parents demand to create more pillows for adults.

The pillows work by using its transducer’s vibration by pumping it into the nervous system until it reaches the inner ear. It has a smartphone inside the pillow to produce music. Music that promotes relaxation and sleep can be downloaded through smartphones.

ĒDN – SMART AUTOMATED INDOOR GARDENS. This garden has a built in NASA technology to make the plants grow starting from seed until it blooms. The garden will bloom even if it has little human contact. To make these gardens work, install 32 x 30 x 8 plants on any wall, place, seeds and go.  The modern wall garden unit which is made with natural materials, can accommodate up to 21 plants. Examples of these are herbs, flowers or any other plant.

The WallGarden plants can grow by using LED lights and can operate within two weeks without giving attention. These units are very ideal to people who are always busy, those who travel and anybody who loves gardening. To be alarmed that it’s time to refill the water reservoir, the LED light turns blue.

NIGHT RUNNER 270 – SHOE LIGHTS FOR NIGHT RUNNING. Night running shoes are 270 water resistant. It can be used in the rain. Their lights work by using a rechargeable battery that can light the road for more than 4 hours. It is designed for runners, walkers, bikers and motorists.  The bright light in the shoes creates attention to drivers to let them know that you are there.

ECO FLOWER – FLOWERS MADE FROM WOOD AND RECYCLED MATERIALS. A product created from wood and recycled materials. It is made up of  book pages, bamboo, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones and sola wood. They’re infused with fragrances, like black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender and Japanese cherry blossom. The handmade flowers are ship all over the world and made to $1.3 million in sales two years before appearing on Shark Tank gift products

These are gifts categories of Shark Tank new products.

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