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Tools are important in our day to day lives. It makes our working conditions accessible and easy to do chores. It is also a help for the security purposes in the home to avoid accidents and injuries while living in the house.

DBEST PRODUCTS – TROLLEY DOLLY, COLLAPSIBLE CARTS AND MORE A collapsible cart that carries 80 pounds. It is easy to store when kept in storage.  This product can be used everyday like for groceries, laundries or office supplies. The smart cart weighs 3 pounds but can load 110 pounds. Its Exterior is waterproof. It is a very good design for carrying pack, rolling backpack, duffel bag, lightweight dolly, Cooler and GoCart’s. In using this bag, it avoids damaged posture.

KWIK-HANG CURTAIN ROD BRACKETS  In using this product, it needs to have a step stool, drill, screws, a hammer, nails, a level and a personnel to see to it that it is straight. After installing, it can immediately be used to design the home.

RESCUE READY WINDOW ESCAPE LADDER . The ladder is light weighted that even children can carry it. It is two stories long, reusable and can be folded quickly. It supports until 750 pounds. The product went beyond the standards of American Society for Testing and Materials.

THE BOUQS COMPANY – FLOWERS SHIPPED FROM A VOLCANO  Bouqs is a collection of flowers that grows 10,000 feet above sea level in South America. It is rich in minerals  and ph-balanced soil. It can be delivered to your doorstep within 2-4 days. 

TRUNKSTER – SMART LUGGAGE – SUITCASES FOR MODERN TRAVELERS. Trunkster is an ideal suitcase for modern people who like to travel. It is made of airplane grade aluminum and polycarbonate. This product does not use any zipper because it is made in a convenient sliding door. It is designed for easy accessibility that can be rolled in any direction and from any position. It has a hidden compartment for valuable materials needed for travelling.

THE SKINNY MIRROR – MAKES YOU LOOK SLIMMER  Looking pretty in a mirror all the time could boost the confidence to let out the inner beauty of the self. The skinny mirror shows a skinny reflection every time you look at it. Seeing yourself thin adds more beauty to your human self. This is a great product to always watch yourself image slim.

 EZPEEZ – ADULT AND CHILD TOILET SEAT IN ONE This is a good product for kids and adults. To use it, just flip the front section of the seat’s surface. It makes your kid more comfortable and more accessible in doing bowel elimination.

LUMINAID – INFLATABLE FLOATING SOLAR LIGHT This product lights like a lampshade. It is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and boating. It is waterproof and it floats. Its  power comes from LED lights that can be lighted from 10-16 hours. It can be recharged under the sun for seven hours. It does need any batteries anymore when using it.

These products are all available on Shark Tank site. Open the product details and might like some of it for your convenience.

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