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One of the All Shark Tank Products have formulated KA Pop Whole Grain Snacks who have an elite ingredient called sorghum which is sometimes called super food. There is also the Wanna Date? Date Spread which is made in a low-calorie spread that comes in four flavors cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla and pumpkin spice. And product that comes from Haitian who has its very first release in the United States. A product that has great effects on hairs and skin moisturizing.

KA Pop Whole Grain Snacks

KA Pop Whole Grain Snacks Is a healthy snack for everyone. One of its ingredients is the sorghum where early ancestors have branded it as an “elite” plant. Today, the plant is used as a dietary staple in more than 30 countries. Sorghum became so popular that they even call it the super food: it consists of magnesium, potassium, iron, protein, vitamin B and E, fiber, omega-3s and antioxidants.

The grain snacks are cooked in a sterilized and secured condition with an appealing crunchy texture. Its sorghum is pressurized in a popper, shaped like a chip.then seasoned a little bit. They have five kinds of taste such as olive oil and sea salt, salt and vinegar, dairy free cheddar, rosemary garlic and red and green sriracha.

Wanna Date? Date Spread

Wanna Date? Gives Date based spread, low calorie, all natural, vegan, allergy free with vitamins, fiber, minerals and potassium. The production of the spread comes in four flavors such as cinnamon tastes, chocolate, vanilla and pumpkin spice.


The Date spread is made with nutrients. It has a content of natural sugars, fiber and natural carbs that gives energy to the human system. Bananas is a good service of potassium, it helps in the recovery of muscles by means of an electrolyte source and it also aids in maintaining blood pressure levels to be healthy.


Other vitamins that the date spread gives are Vitamin A, K, and B-6, riboflavin, thiamine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, niacin, selenium, copper, manganese and organic sulphur.

Kreyol Essence Haitian Beauty Products

The branded product is called Haitian Black Castor Oil. It has vitamin E, minerals and proteins with 80% – 90% ricinoleic acid which is very effective in moisturizing hair and skin. 


The advantages of wearing kreyol: serves as an anti-frizz and repairs split ends and makes it shine. It absorbs directly into the skin to remove impurities, helps in healing areas of discoloration like scars, age spots and hyperpigmentation, use in foot massage and makes the nails become stronger. They are created with different kinds of items like body wash, soap bars, shea butter and movinga oil. The chemical ingredients are plant-based oils, herbs and butters.

Kreyol Essence is the first Haitian company who releases products at Whole Foods Market and mainstream U.S. and Canadian Markets.


All products from the Shark Tank are trusted quality. A proven and tested item before it can be released to the market. The products bear awards which only shows its excellence of how the product was made. It is a beneficial product. You are like buying a material that gives benefit to you and others because it does not only give gains to the company but also to people that the company has chosen to give donations to.

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