All Shark Tank Products for Daily Uses (Part: 03)

Shark Tank products that are listed have just come out in the market. Season 11 products are all new ones. They are durable and quality made. It is a trusted quality on the market which is created by the owners themselves. There is the bite eco-friendly toothpaste that is formed in tablets, the eyeglasses that can alternately change to a variety of colors, the baby rentals where delivery is always on the go and the delicious dessert that is good for all.


Bite Eco – Friendly Toothpaste

A created toothpaste with no harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens and preservatives. Other ingredients are sodium cocoyl isethionate from coconut oil that bubbles up and cleans the teeth. Xylitol and Erythritol from vegetables and fruits which blocks cavity that causes  bacteria, activated charcoal that remove the stains, Sodium Bicarbonate which regulates pit level inside

the mouth. The bite is formulated like the shape of a pill with no plastic tube but instead it is placed in a bottle that is very friendly to the traveller. Upon using it, get one tablet of Bite Bit, brush your teeth with a toothbrush preferably wet then Bite will bubble up like an ordinary toothpaste.


Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses

It is ideal for children ages 6 and 15. Children can choose from five different frames with spring-loaded hinges for advertisement and longevity and it also has nose pads that fit with kids.

The frames come in six colors.The magnetic tops that hook to the three base frames in different colors and designs: stripes, dots, polka, tie-dyed, rainbow, plaid and so on. The child can change what they look like in a snap. There are available lenses that can be styled into sunglasses.



BabyQuip Baby Gear Rentals

There are different kinds of equipment that the baby needs.These are crib, highchair, car seat, toys, changing table, bouncy seat, stroller, monitor etc.
BabyQuip is an online business that sells baby equipment to your travel destination. You can directly shop and pay online for the bought. What the baby quip personnel will do is to meet you where your destination is and give you your equipment. They can even meet you at the airport to give your orders.



Coconut Girl Paleo Desserts

It’s a mixture of dates and coconut smoothies along with it is an ice cream and paleo cookies with almond butter. The cookies had a very good taste when mixing it with ice cream that is made with coconut milk and sweetened with dates, maple syrup and honey. 

The coconut girl cookie sandwich is pure natural. It is made without chemicals of food coloring. The desert is paleo, dairy-free, soy free and gluten free. The sandwiches are made large in size but it has only 250 calories. They have three delicious flavors: Aloha chocolate, Beach Burn maple and hang loose vanilla. They are homemade and the only frozen cookie sandwich in shopping stores.


Products above are proven and tested with flying colors. Their products are eco friendly.Their food is free of allergic reactions and always approved by the authorities.



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