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The season 11 Shark Tank Products are tasty and delicious. Have a taste of Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli who have contents that are beneficial to the health status. A bar where milkshake beverages are served which has a creamy, tasty and delicious shake. There is also a Dog Threads for dogs and owners who wear both patterned and the same color at the same time. Lastly a shoe for toddlers with Baubers design, it’s a cool shoe and very durable.


Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

It is an unreal corned beef which is pure plant-based, animal-cholesterol and nitrate free. It has no food coloring or preservatives and it is low-carb and low-fat. The ingredients of the Unreal Deli are high protein, wheat, organic beets, tomatoes, chickpeas and a mixture of 12 savory spices. The Unreal Deli have passed the standards of Whole Foods, popularly known for distributing the finest natural and organic foods and have very high standards for screening food quality. The owner’s preparation to pass the screening test, she mixes the same ingredients with rye, sauerkraut and homemade Russian dressing.


Due to Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli’s success, the product was distributed to 58 Whole Foods to the Southern Pacific Region, New York City, Washington and Boston.




Baubles + Soles Children’s Shoes

The shoes are manufactured in the USA using a patented material. It consists of 45% soy based by weight and 100% vegan. It has 6 colors with 5-10 toddler sizes that are available in the market. The material is water-proof, machine washable and resistant to slip. A styled twist lock that can be pushed was invented so Baubles could be attached. All sizes of the shoes have the same lock. The Baubles can still be used even if the toddler shoe size is getting bigger.



The Yard Milkshake Bar 

Structured in a comfortable environment, the design looks like a farmhouse chic.  The bar is painted with white and rustic wood. There are also tables and benches that are constructed with flooring tiles. It has a typical “drill”


In ordering the milkshake, mark the menu like milkshake or specialty shake. Then returned back to the register. Take your number and wait for a while and orders will be given. Enjoy a mason jar of shakes when its time to drink it.


A feature in front of “The Yard” sign, there is a privilege selfie shot with the shake that is available inside the bar.



Dog Threads Clothes For Dogs And Owners

The clothes are durable, quality made, pro environment and ethically made in the U.S. It is sewed by local seamstresses. The sweaters are manufactured in Ukraine. Their waste fabric is cycled by placing the fabric in a stuffing which will be used by the animals. The stuffing will be donated to shelters.


The company’s mission is to help pet business owners who did not succeed to make the business successful. This is the company’s way of making the animals live happy and healthy lives. The owners extend their donation to non-profit rescues all over the country.

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