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All products are screened in a detailed manner. Every tiny piece attached to the product is checked to see if this is conducive or hazardous to health status. Shark Tank are evaluating this all the time. The Peanut Butter Pump, spreading of butter became quick and easy. Pili Hunters And Pili Nuts and Snacklins Vegan Pork Rinds are healthy snacks that are good for the diets. An EZC pak for a stronger immune system.


The Peanut Butter Pump

The peanut butter pump could make sandwiches in a quick and a less mess way. The pump locks to a standard 40 ounce jar to make it a dispenser that connects to a tube system in order to pump out the butter. There are two connectors to choose from, ribbon nozzle for sandwich making and a stream nozzle which is best used for celery or blender to make a smoothie. The product has a very original air lock to have a continuous flow from containers by closing out the air. The creator added more items that are useful for a large container. It measures a 48-inch adapter that is appropriate to use by restaurants or stores. The pump is more useful to a “no stir” product where oil cannot be separated such as peanut butter.



Pili Hunters Pili Nuts

Pili nuts are a rich source of magnesium. They also give protein that is good for vegan eaters.The nuts are sprouted and when mixed with turmeric, chili, calao and Himalayan salt, they become healthy nuts. The nuts are harvested in the Philippines. There are no pesticides, additives or preservatives present.


Supply Single Black Razor

The Single edge is made with a single-blade razor. It is a two-piece construction with a pure aerospace-grade stainless steel which is tear-resistant. The blades can adjust to sensitive, comfortable and ultra close shaves. The benefits of the angle razor has no maneuvering when razoring. Just let the flat head steady on your skin then slide the blade from side to side, up and down to have the smooth shaving. The shaving blades and razor are recyclable.



EZC Pak Immune Support Supplement

Created by Sarath Malepati. It consists of a 5-day tapered immune maintenance pack. The EZC Pak is very ideal for travelers. Travelling can be stressful resulting in lower defenses of mechanism. It makes the immune system strong which protects the body from the numbers of passengers who have symptoms of coughing and sneezing

The Pak contains 14E capsules that have certified organic Echinacea and 14 ZC capsules that also have zinc and vitamin C. The product is vegetarian, gluten free and no sugar added.


Snacklins Vegan Pork Rinds

Snacklins are manufactured from mushrooms, onions and yuca combined with spices and sea salt. The ingredients will be fried in a sunflower oil. It comes in three flavors: barbecue that comes from cumin and paprika, chesapeake bay that has a zesty taste from the Mid Atlantics signature Old Bay seasoning and miso ginger which was inspired in Asian with hints of red miso and ginger.

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