All Shark Tank Products: Season 11

The products are all unique. The GolfKicks cleats that are great for your shoes. A good protector from stumbling down. You don’t have to worry about insect bites, the bug bite thing suction tool will give solutions to it all. The magnificent Tailgate N Go Outdoor Kitchen that carries anywhere for outdoors. There is the Myostorm Therapeutic Massage Ball that takes away stress and tension after a long day’s work. These products are in good quality and always available online.


Tailgate N Go Outdoor Kitchen

It is a product that fits in the pick up truck. It can also fit into jeeps and SUV s. A wonderful kitchen that can be used outdoors. The design of the metal box folds down in front and on both sides. The styled compartments, shelves, drawers and racks are within reach. Added design to the invention is a space for cooking ware, cutting boards, paper towel holders and compartments for storage purposes are all found in the outdoor kitchenware. There is also a built-in griddle grill, single burner, stove burner with a sink, faucet and drainage system.


Myostorm Therapeutic Massage Ball

Its  functions are to enhance normal circulation and disable soft tissues to let out tension, improve flexibility and alert muscles that help in relaxation. It has a built in set-up for vibration intensity and two set-ups for the amount of heat that gives control on your needs.

The size of the ball is 4-inches in diameter and the strength is less than two pounds. The size is enough to trigger muscle points and points in acupressure that helps in removing fatigability.


GolfKicks Cleats For Any Shoes

Golfkicks is a kit that can turn any shoes into golf shoes as long as the soles are made of ½-inch thick rubber. It comes with 20 spikes that are created with nylon and a rubber that come in different colors. The needed materials in marking the soles for the cleats are screwdriver, a marker for the pilot holes and a 5/32 pilot tool. To fix the cleats, a hex tool and a strong glue is needed to stick the cleats on the soles of any shoes. After the glue sticks, the shoes can already be worn and let yourself enjoy running with the cleats.


Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

Insect bites become itchy after being  bitten by any insects. The cause of the itchiness is due to the saliva of the insects that they leave behind on the skin. The product functions is to wipe out the saliva/venom resulting in decreased bitten skin reaction or itchiness.  Using this item will protect you from any insect bites. The Bug Bite Thing product started in late 2015. The product is distributed in and out the country bearing the 100% positive feedback from users.



The All Products of Shark Tank is 100% effective. It is tested and proven that they are good for your health. A positive feedback comes from users which only shows that Shark Tank products quickly works to where it should be used.

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