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Materials made in Shark Tank Products are durable. It is made in high technology and  quality products like Knife Aid Knife Sharpening by mail which is an online service where tools that are used for knife sharpening are excellently durable. The Plop Star bathroom deodorizers which buffers the scent of the toilet to a citrus scent. A fabulous  Aira wireless charging pad that can charge many devices together, it is one of the “must-haves” gadgets in our handy bag. It is good for travelling.



Knife Aid Knife Sharpening by Mail

Is an online knife sharpening service. These knife sharpening tools are made of high technological and high quality products that are manufactured in Sweden. Their personnel are highly trained experts who use advanced techniques in sharpening tools. The knives are sharpened on the platen to keep the bevel straight and also to protect the knife from being rounded.


After the job is finished, the knives are sharper when they arrive back at your home. Knife Aid  can also fix destroyed tips and chips of the sharp edges.


For a knife-grinder truck, the procedures for the knife-aid are as follows:Click the website and make an order request, after a day or so, the Knife Aid Knife Sharpening will mail an envelope with protective sleeves where the knife would be put. The maximum capacity of the blade to be sharpened is 16 inches. Once the cutter is put in the sleeves then in the envelope, it is now prepared for delivery. After one day, the knife is already sharper so its time to return it back to the sender.

Plop Star Bathroom Deodorizer

Plop Star are created in tablets to deodorize the toilet. To use it, just drop a tablet in the bowl, wait a bit to freshen the toilet, seat on the bowl then eliminate. The product’s materials are made from essential oils which help in buffering odors and change the scent into a citrus scent. The tablets come in a flat covered package that measures 2x 2 which can be kept in a pocket, wallet or small purse.

Aira Wireless Charging Pad

A latest invention of Shark Tank products. Their creators are Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnik, they also include a partner named Normad Goods. It has been seen in public view since late of 2019.


The item is capable of charging many gadgets at the same time. It has the capacity to give power to a variety of devices at a different electrical charge rate that charging the multiple gadgets will immediately be filled.


Aira is a universal standard protocol which means that the device is compatible with all phones and tablets. Included in the compatibility are iPhone, Samsung, Pixel and Huawei. It is also capable of powering air pods, remote controls, watches and more.


All products from Shark Tank can be bought online. A trusted quality made items. The materials used are excellent in quality and very durable. There are so many items to choose from which can cater to your needs.


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