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All Shark Tank Products come in a variety of shapes and forms. Invented in its own unique and original way. The Baobab Polo shirts which have fabrics that have a high quality of clothing. It is a wrinkle-and-stain resistant that can be worn wherever you go. The cheerful design of color socks for babies called Squid Socks Baby Socks That Won’t Fall Off. You don’t have to check it now and then because the socks will be intact in its place. 


The ashes that turned into a 1.25 carat of diamond. Eterneva Diamond’s invention made a product that makes it impossible to possible. It’s a creation that is very unique that never could have been possible to make.


Baobab Polo Shirts

A clothing company that would combine technology and renovation to come up with sustainable clothing. The clothing is styled in New York city and created in Lima Peru, the world leader in garment making and innovations textile development.


It was created by Brandon Davenport and Marcellius Alexander iii. They start the business with the help of engineers and fabric specialists. The shirt is a high quality clothing and a durable kind which uses Pima cotton. Pima cotton is the fabric choice of the team which is a moisture-wicking and fitting fabric.


In manufacturing, nanotechnology is used inorder for the fabric to be wrinkle-and-stain resistant. It is highly durable.


Squid Socks Baby Socks That Won’t Fall Off

Squid socks are for babies and toddlers. They are decorated with eye-catching fantastic squid socks. When wearing the socks, it will not fall off because of the silicone dots that look like suction cups. The silicone dots are the ones not letting the socks fall off. It does not fall off even if children will put them off all the time.


In toddler socks, they also have silicone grips on the lower part of the socks to stop it from slipping and falling off. The socks are made of 87% polyester, 10% nylon and 30% spandex. They come in different styles, cheerful designs and colors.


Eterneva Diamonds Made From Cremation Ashes

The steps in forming a diamond from cremation ashes is processed by mixing a small crystallized diamond seed, the purifier carbon and a metal growth catalyst. The materials are placed together in the hydraulic press to let out a greater than 50,000 atmosphere of pressure and will reach a hot surface that is greater than 1,200 degrees Celsius. The procedure will last after eight months or more depending on the shape and color of the diamond. After the procedure, a 1.25 carat diamond is produced.


The company is self-funded. They are using a carbon purification facility in Pennsylvania and the diamond that is made out of Ashes is manufactured in Germany.


The Shark Tank Products can be bought through the website. They are products that are recommendable to all because of its high quality and the unique design that’s all very original and not a copycat item.  The material made can be used anywhere because fittings are comfortable to wear.


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