All Shark Tank Products: Season 11


The Shark Tank Products are one who offers the newest inventions and services that are best among services. If you want a rebreathing oxygen, Boost Oxygen is the solution you are looking for.  A beverage that can give all-energy and treatment aid at the same time. There is also an offer of catering services on spicy foods like Tadah Foods Falafel Wraps. Flavors such as sweet-spicy, Harissa and Lebni and Feta Green Pepper. 


If you want products that could do squeaky clean and a complete cleaning items in just one product, the Blueland Cleaning Products could give it all. Removing dirt and debris to your kitchen, comfort rooms, living room and bedroom which also include soap for hand washing.


Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is an all-energy beverage and a treatment aid known as canned oxygen or recreational oxygen. It consists of 98% aviator’s breathing oxygen. It is for non-medical use only. It can easily be bought anywhere in the market. It is a safe drink for any age, non-toxic, non-narcotic and the best selling and high quality oxygen canister in the world. It is distributed in the U.S. Canada, Mexico, Europe, Korea and China.


The canister comes in three sizes: large with 10 liters, medium that contain 5 liters and a pocket size of 2 liters beverage.


Tadah Foods Falafel Wraps

It comes in three flavors, Sweet-Spicy, Harissa and Lebni, Feta Green Pepper Salsa and spicy brown sugar Harissa hummus . The poppers have cucumber dill, lemony roasted garlic hummus and harissa hummus. Orders can be made through online or buy to any retail stores such as Wegmans, Kroger and Whole Foods. The first store where this product was featured was in Maryland of April2011. It was established to approximately 1000 that caters vegetarian and niche foods.


Tadah usually donates around 25% of the products profits to groups who are working for social change.


Blueland Cleaning Products

A cleaning product creation that is made safe containing pro environment ingredients and then used in a recycled packaging. The purpose of the Blueland cleaning products that are excellent and less expensive. The first product was released on April 22, 2019. The list for the clean up contains three cleaning products: one hand soap and four color-coded tablets which are assigned to appropriate color bottles: blue color is for cleaning glass, pink is for bathtub and tiles, and yellow is for multi-surface cleaning and the soap for hand washing is gray.


For the first order, bottles and tablets are together and they are sent to you by cardboard and it is made of a 100% recyclable package. The next order, only tablets will be given and as for the bottle it will auto refill for a lifetime.


All products from Shark Tank are 100% original. It is safe to use and at the same time eco friendly. Most of all, the creators of these products share donations by getting a part from their sales. It has multiple purposes on their product sales and will give positive benefits in using them.

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