All Shark Tank Products: Season 11

These products are pro environment and high quality made by professionals. They are materials that are trusted quality for you and your loved ones.


Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing

An online market store which offers crochet pants and sweaters. It comes from high fashion knitwear. The clothes are eye catching.  The creators use cycled materials like the Afghan for wearable sculpture. Their fabric is made up from recycled and repurposed materials that are pro environment and less expensive.

Schuyer has varieties of unisex clothings to offer such as underwear, swim trunks, shorts that are from booty to Bermuda, pants that includes capris and bell bottoms, onesies, overalls, ponchos, hoodies, coats and umbrellas.


Tough Apparel Machine Washable Ties

Tough ties are a mixture of printable and repellent fabrics with a patent pending substrate core and IronLockTM stitching. A microfiber patch is present in each tie where it is sewed at the back part for the purpose of dusting phones and gloves. In ties, there is a styled buttonhole at the lower part of the tie so that it can be locked, keeping the tie intact to the body.The ties are water resistant and can be machine washed in a laundry bag, which are included in every order.


The Dadware Bondaroo

An excellent quality, fitting shirt for men with a soft Velcro flap in front that can be exposed and closed the chest part, where daddy can cuddle the baby. The shirt is fabricated with French Terry, 82% polyester, 15% rayon and 3% spandex for perfect fitting. The yarn is made outside the country but the fabric is fully produced in the US. including their shirt material. To close the item, Velcro’s high technology is used for their hook and loop which is also made in the U.S. There is assurance that the baby will not be scratched because the style is made in rounded Velcro circles.



Fortress Cold Weather Clothing

Initially, the design was made for the people who work in oil fields and on construction sites with a temperature of 50 – 60 Fahrenheit. The fabrics are light weight material and have a layer of insulation. For temperatures of 5-70 Fahrenheit, the apparel was made thinner, lighter with no restrictions and more versatile. It also has a layer of insulation. The creators have created different styles from this fabric like jackets, pants, balaclavas and gloves. Fortress clothing is styled as it is due to mobility, strength, protection and durability.


Proven Skincare

When using Proven Skincare, it gives quick results of its effectiveness on the skin. There are three uses of skincare when applied to skin: the usual cleansing care, it protects the skin and and makes the skin fresh and renewable.

The cleanser has an ingredient that detoxifies and regulates the skin. The toner and exfoliation are mixed as one, there’s no need to separate it. Secondly, the everyday moisturizer has SPF, which blocks the skin from penetration of air pollution and UV rays. It hydrates deeply on the skin that results in water and oil retention. Lastly, the night cream which nourishes skin where skin is repaired, plumps and becomes firm resulting in skin staying looking young, and in the morning, the skin will be refreshed and renewed.

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