All Shark Tank Products: Season 11

Services products are “thumbs up” in providing assistance. They give excellent quality service. There is also tech and electronics for educational purposes to help students enhance academic achievement. Try the Jiggy exercise and have some fun with the jigging moves and plyometric jump.


ABII Educational Robot

This is a robot that aids teachers who can teach grades 2-5 core subject lessons through fun and social interactions style for the development of their academic achievement. The owner created eight prototype robots with 22 math learning. The education robot is a modernized old wind up robot. It has a big circular eye with purple colors. The head and claws are oval with white in color. Operating the robot is simple. You usually need a computer or laptop for the operations.The teachers are the ones giving input information to the ABII for the educational material of the students. The purpose of this product is to study the behaviors of children or students who want attention. The response of the robot can be seen during their game play or when its time for short breaks. The effectiveness of ABII’s education is seen through 52% level up learning achievement by the students after their tutoring given by the robot.


Tanoshi Kids Computer

Computer that converts into a tablet. A 10” detachable touch screen with a detachable kid- sized keyboard. Sheets, Gmail, Earth and docs are all installed to google suite. Coding introduction and educational apps are also installed. Other variety of games and apps are all available in google play store and there’s an attached front and rear facing cameras, In this device, parental control is enhanced. Screen time in using the gadget is manageable. You can set a time limit and lock the computer remotely.There is also time that is control of the computer’s bed time. Tracking time is also available.


Jigg Aerobics Exercise

Jigging is a signature move by Baton Rouge, a hip hop artist who wags the arms and wigs the knees while doing a jump up and down. This dance style started in Baton Rouge Louisiana. In plyometrics which is also called jump training that does stretching then let the muscle contract to move in a quick explosive movements couch as one-leg hops, jump, squats, jumping into a box and jumping over cones – exercises that strengthens the muscles as well as develops agility and balance. LeDonte Lotts, a fitness instructor has created the jigging and plyometrics mixing dance steps with a cheerful rhythm and became known all over the globe.


Mural Painter Inc.

Design Team NYC consists of artists, designers, painters, muralists, installation and construction professionals. The company was styled to create custom artwork that includes the inside of the home to design  and install all over the outside wall of a building. The Design Team NYC changed their name to Mural Painter Inc. Aside from the previous construction experts services, they also include general construction, gut renovations and property flipping. They will also produce video publication and audio sales and advertising materials and designing events for their buyers. Their manpower includes working in 3D design, art designs, sculptures, mural painting and stencils and the personnel in all kinds of fiberglass, acrylic, metal, glass, wood and aluminum.

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