All Shark Tank Products: Season 11

Products of Shark Tank are getting bigger in scope. One of their items for this season is a facility for  adult games which is good for mental alertness. A dog food is also publicized which has a variety of flavors that dogs would enjoy eating it. Bala bangles which are used for weights exercise and adds maximum health to your body. Items like Fur Oil are beauty products which are good in making hair and skin soft to touch.


Pips And Bounce PingPong

Eugene Yung was the one who initiated pingpong in the member’s home and then decided to open a pingpong facility. There are 11 health advantages from playing pingpong. Some of these are: enhance reflexes and hand/eye coordination, increase alertness and improve flexibility and balance.

The Pips and Bounce PingPong is a company that lets their pingpong facility be rented for half an hour. They are also giving different levels for membership. Special events like trivia night are done monthly with available food and drinks.



Shake It Pup Dog Food Seasoning

The first company to have less expensive, quick to chew with a design food for the dog. The food is for monthly subscription. The people who created the seasoning know that dogs are tired of eating their meal if it is the same flavor of food now and then. Thus, the inventors formulated a variety of flavors.

The product is pure human-grade with a natural ingredient. Some of these are free-range grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free meats, cage-free eggs. The food is free of allergens so it is safe to eat and can choose flavors that are best fit to your dog.


Bala Bangles Workout Weights

Natalie Holloway and Max Kisievitz, who are exercise and health enthusiasts, believe that adding weights to a routine exercise will give assistance to your body to make it more healthy. Weights routine must be used by gripping it with your fingers and palms. Flexibility movements of the hands are not needed during exercise.

The owners named the weights “Bala” which means strength in Sanskrit. It is created with iron bars covered with medical grade silicone which protect from sweat and water rust. Bala are also made with elastic binding so that it will not slip when used for routine exercise.


Fur Oil

Functions to soften hair and skin for women and men. It is formulated with Grape Seed Oil that refreshes the skin and absorbs water quickly. It is also mixed with Jojoba oil that moisturizes resulting in soft hair and skin. Clary Sage oil is used to lessen redness and after-shave irritation and the tree tea oil which removes extra sebum in the pores that results in preventing growth of immature hairs and it also helps in easy healing. Phthalates, parabens, sulfates, silicone, acids, cortisol, artificial dyes and artificial fragrances are ingredients that can harm the skin which are not content with the Fur Oil product.


Avail now of these products and try their effects. It’s a trusted quality for family use. It’s safe to use and free of allergen and most of all they are tested and proven products for all.

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