All Shark Tank Products: Season 11


Genius Juice is the first product who mixes organic coconut meat and organic water together. It is a creation that can be proud of, because of its healthy content and its delicious beverage at the same time. Shark Tank also has products that can combat allergic response by using Ready, Set Food and allergic reaction will be gone. They also have a canister for the rope dispenser to avoid coiling and knotting so that it can be used again without a sweat. 


Genius Juice Coconut Smoothies

It is a vegan certified juice which has more potassium and fiber than the top known coconut water drink. Coconut meat is the number one source of fats that are healthy to ingest in our system. It is also where medium-chain triglycerides’ greatest source came from. The two sources break down and quickly give energy to our body. There are no sugar preservatives added.


Genius juice is the first product that mixes organic coconut meat and organic coconut water. When these two ingredients are blended, it will result into a creamier, delicious, richer and thicker low-caloric drink.


Ready, Set Food! Allergen Introduction For Babies

According to studies, there are millions of American children below 18 years old who are always allergic to one food. There are many children who have allergic responses to anaphylaxis. The protective treatment who have allergies to food will just have to avoid food that can cause allergic reaction to their bodies.

In response to the increasing number of children who have allergic reactions, the creators of this product gathered together to form a team and ready, set food! was formulated. Everyday a packet of food powder is combined with breast milk, formula or food. In ingesting the food to babies it will help reduce allergic response in exposure to allergens.


Rapid Rope Dispenser

Rope is needed everywhere when you’re an avid hunter, hiker, boat owner or a DIY homeowner. Ropes are always used now and then. The problem when using it again, the rope coils in the garage or stuck at the back of your pick up. You end up uncoiling and unknotting it. 

The creator had the same issues all over again and wanted a dispenser for his rope. He asked the help of tech experts. They started creating a canister that can contain flat rope that fits into a cup holder or backpack. They made the canister water-resistant and shatterproof. The canister is able to contain 120 feet grade poly rope rated at 1000 pounds in weight. The created product is manufactured in Idaho and will be sold in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia.


The creators are magnificent in the productions of Shark Tank. Their creations are eco friendly. Health issues are not a problem. It is allergen free and adds nutrients to our system to make the body strong and more healthy as much as possible. The products are all seen in the All Shark Tank Products: season 11. There are many things to choose from. Everything is calculated, making sure that products are of safe use

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