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The products from Shark Tank are all unique. An example is the Love Sync Button, a new gadget for couples to make the most of their relationship, The adventurous Zuum Hover Shoes that can run up to 8 mph. The SlumberPod Privacy tent for toddlers to make them fall asleep even in a moving vehicle. And the Flexiscreen Flexible window screen item to maintain durability of the track. It has a cooling effect on the inside part of the car.


Love Sync Button

Is a product creation for couples. A button that was created by Ryan Cmich to let your partner know that you are interested in having sexual intercourse, only if the other party is interested too. The item is made by a USB power button for each partner.installed at the bedside table. The USB button has also a built in setting to set the time that both agreed upon from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Once the button is pressed, a swirling green light will glow telling your partner that you can start now. The product is timing couples when both of them are in the mood. 


Zuum Hover Shoes

The materials used is an elite aluminum alloy that can be recharged in a 25.9 volt battery. It is a self-balancing gadget with rubber wheels that can run at a speed of 8mph. The batteries can be used until 1-½ hour and recharge it after two hours to let the battery in full charge. The shoes were developed in four prototypes to have a good quality in terms of fire, water and dirt – proof. The shoes were tested in collisions with concrete and its very durable.

It can incline up to 10 degrees. The product helps in lessening carbon footprint which is the effect of fossil fuels in transportation.


SlumberPod Privacy Tent For Toddlers

A tent that quickly assembles and disassembles to stand into a playard, mini crib and small cot. It is created with 85% polyester and 15% spandex with four open windows. It is 50 inches long, 36 inches wide and 56 inches tall and when packed the measurement turned into 17 inches long, 5 inches wide and six inches tall that can fit inside a luggage.

It is safe with a low hazard of carbondioxide The tent can quickly be clean by spot cleaned or machine washed. Slumber Pod does not have a built-in crib on playard for your toddler. It is a safe tent that is designed in a free-standing pod for toddlers.


Flexiscreen Flexible Window Screen

It is a durable window screen that is made with a spring-steele PVC coated frame. It is created in a tear-resistant style. There’s no need to buy anything in the hardware to install it. Just flex the sides of the screen and make it fit in the track. The screen is locked behind a pocket for the purpose of ventilation. There are five created designs like standard, flexview, flexview clean, flexview tuff and flexview solar that blocks 60% from UV radiation which keeps the room cool and decreases carpet and furniture fading.

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