All Shark Tank Products: Season 11


The products that have the trusted quality can only be found in the Shark Tank Products.

The Mad Optimist Soap and Bath Products

It was first tested by Mohammed M’s younger brother, Mohammed A.  who was used to local soaps and when after the test, he says he fell in love with the new invented soap and bath products. The creators only used excellent quality, plant-based ingredients and essential oils. The soaps are made of non-purchased based soaps where all ingredients are pure vegan non-GMO and pure halal. To make this soap, you choose ingredients according to skin type. It consists of water, olive oil, organic certified – sustainable palm oil, organic coconut oil, lye, USP, castor oil and organic canola oil.


Dreamland Baby Weighted Blanket

The overall temperature that gives balance to fabric is the pure, soft  original cotton. It is styled in a two-way zip for the purpose of changing diapers when needed. The weightless poly pellet beads that found in front of the blanket are nontoxic and are patternly distributed from shoulders to toes. When babies wear this blanket, they feel hugged. The deep touch stimulation that is given by the weight poly pellet beads stimulates serotonin which gives the happy chemical response to the baby and it also develops melatonin which stimulates sleep. The cortisol who’s responsible for the fast beating of the heart during stressful state, will  lessen production.


McSquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles

Dry-erase white boards which are known as mcsquares that the creator portrayed as elegantly styled items to develop the ways which groups of organizations communicate and their way to create. The whiteboards are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes. The creator has invented more of his products by creating the board big and wide accompanied with easels and stickie notes, homework files for home use and items that are usable in schools and other public groups. The whiteboard creation is made up of polyethylene, steel and expanded polyvinyl which can be removed with 50% rubbing alcohol/50% water on a smooth, damp cloth. The surfaces have micro-suction pads to make them intact with the use of glass, metal and plastic.



Salted Restaurant Delivery 

Jeff Appelbaum is the CEO of the salted restaurant group. The Salted restaurant is only for delivery purposes Their foods are all cooked in a ghost kitchen.

A ghost kitchen also known as shadow kitchen or cloud kitchen where professionals are only allowed to prepare foods inside the room. It is very ideal for chefs that prepare food in the kitchen. Foods offered in Salted restaurants are less in calories, delicious foods and ingredients used are allergen free. They offer three favorite brands to customers. They have the Cauliflower Pizza, Moonbowls and their Salad Company.



Wisepocket Socks and Leggings

The socks and leggings of Wisepocket is created in North Carolina in neutral designs and colors like black or cream, denim and attractive colors. The large pockets are designed for large cell phones and are very useful to those who have Epipens, diabetes devices and inhalers. The company also markets accessories like hats and shirts that bear the company logo.

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