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Cars are needed in going from one place to another. It lets you travel to your favorite spot in minutes. Shark Tank products offer a friendly environment automotive. It lessens pollution and prevents traffic jams along the highway.

ZERO POLLUTION MOTORS – AIR POWERED CAR. This airpod car was approved by MDI that fixed the pollution and mobility of the city. This is the first compressed air-powered vehicle developed in the market of the United States. It is a tiny car, inexpensive and an enjoyable and modernic style, Airpod is the new range of urban cars. With this kind of design, fresh air in the city will be maintained which results in clear pollution when riding on the highway.

MDI is a U.S. licensee for Luxembourg-based. ZPM is the builder of the first air-powered car that is called ‘Airpod’. It will first be shown in Hawaii.

SWAY MOTORSPORTS – THREE-WHEELED ELECTRIC VEHICLES. It is a three-wheeled motorcycle that turns right and left instead of turning handlebars.  Sway Motorsports’ unique way of biking the motor car is like driving it on a skateboard. It is a rechargeable car that runs in 40-60 miles at a top speed of 55-75 mph. The three-wheeled motorcycle is more stable than a scooter because the driver doesn’t  need to put their feet on the road to balance while stopped. This kind of motorcycle is safer because of it’s added stability and brakes.

SBU (SELF-BALANCING UNICYCLE). This type of cycle is self balancing but with a self powered car. It can run at 12.5 MPH in a distance of 10 miles when it is fully charged. This car is not only used for fun but it can also be used for commuting purposes. It is a tiny compact style that makes it easy to ride on it rather than on the bus to avoid traffic. This can be buy now on Amazon.

This material has many safety uses including turn assist and force feedback to prevent the unicycle from cycling fast. If the cycle will turn in a low battery condition, the unicycle will continue to move then slowly stop. This can be plugged in a normal outlet and recharge in an hour. The SBU is the best way to get around because it can avoid traffic jams from going down the street for coffee or across town to work.

EVP (Extreme Vehicle Protection)– FLOOD PROTECTION BAG FOR CARS This product is a heavy-duty protective bag that fully encloses the car to prevent it from floods and other less than ideal conditions. It is made of 100% recyclable high-density plastic that can cover cars in 36” floodwaters. It can be used quickly and can cover the car in less than 10 minutes with somebody helping you hold the bag open.You lay the EVP in front of the car, ride in and zip it up. They come in 3 sizes: the small for small sports, classics and smart cars. The medium size is for sedans, hatchbacks and standard sports cars. If you have an SUV, minivan or sports wagon, the large EVP can be used for covering your car.

BOHO CAMPER VANS. The product is powered by dual solar panels (100 watts each). It uses two 12v batteries and an inverter with USB and AC outlet.






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