Beauty and Health Shark Tank Products

These products of Shark Tank will make us look more beautiful and at the same time care for our health to protect ourselves from sickness. It is effective in maintaining our well body function.

FUR OIL.  This product helps in softening the hair and skin of every man. It is made up of Grape Seed Oil that absorbs quickly and gives hydration to the skin. Jojoba Oil  that softens hair and skin. Clay Sage Oil that soothes redness and after shaving irritation. The last ingredient is the Tea Tree Oil helps in removing the excess sebum in the pores, stops ingrown hairs and heals skin quickly.

MAKEUP JUNKIE BAGS. The bag is styled in an elongated medial zipper. The lining inside is made up of a waterproof fabric. The outside has a brightly colored zipper with suede tassels. The bag became the hottest thing on the block. It comes in four sizes: Mini (4”x7”), Small (7” x 9”), Medium (8” x 11.5” ) and Large (9.5” x 13). It also comes in different colors like “Havana” (black and white stripes with palm leaves), “Penelope” (fuchsia velvet on the outside cheetah inside), and White Gold” (a glowing vinyl exterior with a soft onyx interior).

GUNNAR COMPUTER GLASSES REDUCE EYE STRAIN.  Using the eyes too much in a long period of time can lead to strain and fatigability. One of the reasons why there is macular degeneration or other serious eye problems when doing virtually, a blue light ray passes through the cornea and lens until it reaches the retina. Gunnar eyeglasses have many designs from professional chic to gaming cool. The lens of the eyeglasses are all the same for both gaming and computer. The frame designs come in different styles like gaming frames, they are styled with a flat temple so as to let the audio headset fit.

Gunnar also creates polarized glasses for the purpose of sighting at bright lights and outdoors. There is also a crystalline lens that is used at true color.

The product can be ordered at Gunnar website or Amazon.

THE SLEEP STYLER – STYLES YOUR HAIR WHILE YOU SLEEP. This product is for curling hairs even during sleeping time. The sleep stylers are made of foam rods that are easy to use. It is not only designed for curling hair but it can straighten hair at the same time.

To use it, wash hair first then wrap the hair with a twist (for curls) or flat (to straighten) by using self-adhesive and ultrasuede strap then you can go to bed and remove in the morning. When using this product, there is no need to use flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron

VIBES HIGH FIDELITY EARPLUGS. Vibes are produced to enhance muffle noisy environments. The earplugs give HD sound. Ear damage can occur at 85dB for vibes it can lessen the volume until 22dB.

If you want orders of the said products, you can go to Shark Tank Products for more details. It is safe and serves as protection from damages of healthy beings.

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