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The materials that we use from day to day are one of the things that people preferred buying more. These products are the best selling and most popular Shark Tank Products. The Moki Car Door Step that is very useful in letting the different kinds of gears, especially heavy ones, are easy to let stay on the roof. The Baby Toon Soft Baby spoon, although is not the best selling or most popular item, it is one of the things that babies could use for their growing up stage. It is popular to mothers and attractive material to babies. 


The cup board pro cutting board, very popular to people who love doing chores in the kitchen. A favorite product by the one who loves cooking. It has natural antimicrobial agents to keep the board clean all the time. The cupboard too has a unique attachment to the board where juices or scraps are put into. It will not be a messy chore because everything will be stored in one place.


Moki Car Door Step

Moki car door step is a patented step that connects temporarily to the U-shaped slam latch or the car door and gives a hand stable platform to easily reach out for the roof. Once the doorstep is attached, anything can be placed on top of the vehicle like a cargo carrier, boxes, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, skis, snowboard, and bikes. 


The quick and easy loading of all the gear you bring along and the taking it all down is more quicker with the use of the patented step. It is also applicable in washing or waxing the car roof or just to keep it clean.


After using the doorstep, the Maki car doorstep can be folded for storage.


The Baby Toon Soft Baby Spoon

It is made up of 100% ultra-soft FDA grade silicone. It is gentle on the gums and can be used as a baby’s teething toy. The handles are quick for babies to hold and can let the big brother or big sister be the one feeding for the baby.


The colors pink and blue toons that are shaped like an elephant and attractive to babies that they like more to hold because of its striking colors and shapes. It is safe to use, materials used are not hazardous to health. In holding the toon, the baby can learn how to feed himself or herself. The product will help the baby in his or her developmental milestone like feeding from baby spoon to regular spoon. Another benefit in using the baby toon soft baby spoon, the shallow bowl will limit the food that baby can scoop thus, preventing the baby from choking.


Cup Board Pro Cutting Board

In 2010 cup board pro cutting boards were invented. The difference among the cutting boards, there is an attached or detached cup which serves to catch juices and scraps from the chopping board.


The board is created with bamboo where the surface has natural antimicrobials. The cup is soft when dishwashing it.

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