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A kids hairbrush with colorful tangle pets attached to it will let children crave to play with it more. It will remove the battle in developing good health habits. It will also enhance positive self-image, removing negativism about the self. The name of this hairbrush is Tangle Pets where kids love to play around with.


The Rocketwave Smart Notebook, a traditional notebook looks alike.  A very economical notebook that could be used for a lifetime. You don’t have to buy a notebook once the page is full of educational information instead, you can just open a new pack of blank files to start all over again.


Tangle Pets Kids Hairbrush

Lizzy Martin was inspired by her three children to give solutions on everyday problems. She was able to invent Tangle Pets Kids Hairbrush inorder to attract kids to do their personal hygiene like brushing their hairs and a way to develop healthy habits.


She went testing on another approach to stop battling about combing their hair which the children hated doing so much. She made some prototype creation, styling it to a hairbrush and attaching it with  Gracie’s plush toys. The children adore it when they play hairbrushing with their hair. 


Through her Tangle Pets invention, Lizzy knows mothers will like it so much. In 2016, she was able to capitalize her business by joining a TV game show and luckily won a $50,000 worth cash prize. The prize was applied to her items and started marketing it to public view. She named her invented product “Tangle Pets”.


The success of her invention had inspired her more by adding positive descriptions like: I am brave, I am strong, I am loved to overcome negativism and enhance positive self-image to her and other children. It helps the children develop good habits.


Tangle Pets brushes come in different designs such as Tangle Kitty, Tangle Ladybug, Tangle Lion, Tangle Puppy and Tangle Turtle. Each design has its own personality that comes with positive messages. Tangle Puppy is brave and loves investigating while Tangle Ladybug is a designer who wants to make the world a glaring setting. The plush is machine washed that can be quickly detached from the brush.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Paper notebooks cover pages are full of art with vibrant colors and feel that you’re back to school again. Information storage like digital notebooks are efficient because of its quick set up upon opening its pages. You can quickly read, you can immediately share info and quickly search information upon storage. Mixing the colorful pages and handwriting experience of a paper notebook and the digital features will create an outstanding item that has never been seen before. And most of all, when the pack is full, you can get a new one to start all over again.


Each notebook has a FriXion pen that is used for writing in the gradient paper. It is also used for taking notes and at the bottom of the page, there are seven symbols to take notes to. The rocket app can be used to assign the symbols such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs, One Note or your email address.


When transferring notes at the Rocketbook Wave, draw an X on the symbol to the cloud service, where you want your files to be transferred. Then take a photo to your smartphone then the files will be immediately transferred to what page they should

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