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We’re all feeling a little more anxious than usual. That’s presumably why Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller’s Calm Strips company has been so successful. During Shark Tank Season 13, what did the sharks think of these anxiety-relieving strips? We’ll inform you in our pitch wrap-up and Calm Strips update.Calm Strips are manufactured in Sweden.


So, what are Clam Strips?

Before we get into your Calm Strips update and summary, let’s have a look at the product.

Calm strips are textured surfaces (available in two textures) that assist to reduce anxiety. The strips are reusable and adhere to most surfaces. You may use the rough surface to alleviate anxiety and enhance attention by rubbing, scratching, touching, or picking at it.

When Michael and Luce concluded their presentation, some of the sharks appeared befuddled. When they notified the sharks about their sales, they were immediately on board. Calm strips were released a year before filming and had already sold $2.5 million.

The sharks were overjoyed with the numbers, although there were some reservations. Daymond John simply didn’t grasp it, so he dropped out. Mark Cuban foresee scaling concerns and left as well.

Robert Herjavec, on the other hand, indicated that numerous members of his family were autistic. Tactile things assisted them in calming down.


Calm Strip Origins

Calm Strips are 3.2-inch-long, 0.8-inch-wide strips constructed of a long-lasting vinyl polymer that can last four years or more even with heavy use. They are backed with a high-quality adhesive that allows the strips to be readily removed and reused without leaving residue.

The strips are available in two textures: Soft Sand, which is subtle and gritty and ideal for scratching, and River Rocks, which is smoother and bumpier and helps you feel grounded. Both are water resistant and can be cleaned with any home cleaning and a moist towel.

The patterns on the strips are brightly colourful, tranquil, and soothing, and they are wrapped in little envelopes with an encouraging message.

It is as simple as putting a strip to any smooth, flat surface, such as a phone, computer, notepad, desk, bed frame, and so on. The best feature is that they will never stick to your skin or paper.

What is the value of Calm Strips?Where to Buy Shark Tank Anxiety Calm Strips

They are available in a range of colours and patterns in packs of five for $12.99. They also sell 30 classroom bundles for $49.99 and 120 school packs for $119.99. The strips are used in over 3000 classrooms in the United States. They’re constructed of a thin yet incredibly tough and long-lasting vinyl.

Calm Strips are sensory adhesives with a textured surface. Made of a thin yet incredibly strong vinyl substance. Calm Strips are designed to assist relieve anxiety.

We speak with Calm Strips Founder Michael Malkin and Administrative Director Luce Fuller about the company’s entry on Shark Tank.

Calm Strips are suitable for everyone! Calm Strips are loved by students, instructors, fidgeters, anxiety warriors, and members of the BFRB, ADD, ADHD, and Autistic communities ranging in age from 6 to 80 and beyond.

Do clam strips stick to skin?

Calm Strips employ a reusable adhesive that resembles a high static cling sticker rather than a standard sticker or tape. They attach well to smooth, flat surfaces like a phone or a desk, but not to skin. For a wonderful on-the-go solution, we recommend adding one of our Carry Tags to your order.Calm Strips are water resistant and may be wiped gently with a moist disinfecting wipe or almost any home cleanser.


Calm Strips is owned by who?


Calm Strips are designed to assist relieve anxiety. We speak with Calm Strips Founder Michael Malkin and Administrative Director Luce Fuller about the company’s entry on Shark Tank.


Calm Strips: Update – Before and After Shark Tank.

“Calm Strips” was featured on Shark Tank USA in January 2021. It was founded by Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller.


Here is an update on Calm Strips’s net worth so far.

Calm Strips’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank  2.5 Million USD (business valuation)

Calm Strips’s Current Net worth (2022) 2.5 Million USD.

Calm Strips’s founder Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller have a net worth of 2 Million USD as of 2022.



What inspired the creation of Calm Strips?

Michael Malkin used to work for Apple till his social anxiety became too much for him to bear. He’d frequently do things to deal that were too noisy for the job setting he was in, such as spin a fidget spinner or wrap his finger in painter’s tape. Calm Strips were invented in response to his demand for anything that would lessen his tension and fidgeting at work while remaining discrete.

Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller introduced and presented their Calm Strips to the Shark Tank investors in episode 1314. Robert Herjavec agrees to invest after careful consideration of the figures and investment.

What are the two textures of these soothing strips?

The strips are available in two textures: Soft Sand and River Rocks. Soft Sand has a delicate, grainy texture, whereas River Rocks is bumpier and less uniform or smoother. River Rocks is great for those seeking a more substantial texture. Soft Sand texture is suitable for people seeking a soft sensory experience, and is ideal for scratching and picking. Both textures are relaxing to the touch and soft on the skin.Both textures are water resistant and may be cleaned with a moist cloth and home cleaning as needed.

Who are these fidget strips intended for?

They are truly suitable for adults and children aged 6 and higher. They are usually utilised by students, instructors, people who are anxious or stressed, fidgety people, and those who have BFRB (body-focused repetitive behaviour), ADD, ADHD, or ASD.


Calm Strips honest review

My son likes river rock since it has a more distinct feel than the softer sand. He, on the other hand, adored both designs. The rainbow is bright and the moon is amazing, especially for a 10-year-old boy who is already interested in space. My kid instantly connected the keychain to his bag since it is ideal for on-the-go use.

He also put the Calm Strips on his bunk bed to assist comfort him while he’s resting or winding down to sleep. He added an other strips to some of his equipment, such as his iPad and gaming consoles. He enjoys playing games but can become upset at times, so I like that these strips are available to assist calm him down.

Where can I get the strips?

We got our Calm Strips from Amazon. There are classroom informative packs, school packs, carry tags, a variety of patterns, and numerous set options. Living Colours, Hot Lava, Prismatic, Summer Storm, The System, Sunflower, and many more are among the designs available.

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