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The Shark Tank Best Seller Products



It is a beauty and health category. The Sleep Styler-Styles will shorten the steps in making your hair curly and bouncy. You can roll hair at night time and sleep comfortably with it. You don’t need hitting curls or sitting down for a long time to wait for your hair to be curly.


The gift ideas and toys, kids and babies categories that are created for kids’ walkie talkies called the ToyMail which are connected to a smartphone by using the downloadable toymail app inorder to function in full.


The Sleep Styler-Styles Your Hair While You Sleep

To get the perfect bouncy curly hair is a long process, you have to wash it, dry it, apply product, heating it, or applying rollers to set hair. Tara Brown’s process of a curly bouncy hair takes hours to finish it. She wonders how to make it simpler and make it a relaxing way when doing the curly hair. She has tested a lot of fabrics before she got the perfect one which resulted in doing it overnight while sleeping. The fabric that she chose is the kitten- soft milled microfiber. The plush rollers are 4-5 times weightless in water, 


Before the Sleep Styler was born, the issues encountered during the process of curly hair: damage the curly hairs because of the hitting tools used or sitting for hours with the uncomfortable curling rods. With Sleep Styler sleeping comfortably is possible. The super comfy memory foam rods are the material used with this item and can be applied everyday.


To use the Sleep Styler, you have to wash the hair first, then wrap the damp hair and let it be twisted if hair is curled or let it be straight if hair will be straightened then hold it with a self-adhesive, ultrasuede strap. After strapping, you can go to bed with the rollers on. In the morning, you can remove the Sleep Styler. 


ToyMail Push Toy And Message App For Kids

Toy Mail is a modernized walkie talkie. It is a formed toy that a kid and a parent can use to be connected with each other especially if mom and dad are away from home.


Guari Nanda and Audry Hill created the ToyMail Push Toy in 2012. Their purpose in inventing could transform and remain connected in a long duration or a material that is user-generated content.


Toymail works when it is connected to a smart phone by downloading a toymail application. There is an added feature where you can record and send messages. It can be used by parents, siblings, relatives and even other kids. The toy is washable and has interchangeable clothing. It is a super soft plush that is excellent for hugging purposes and can react to physical play.


Children can listen to the recorded messages by pressing the toymail’s mouth and the kid can select one of its contacts and record a message to return it back.. The toymail comes in three different styles, a shark, a bat and a dinosaur. It has Weensie to Talkie ranging sizes that are good for kids.


Best Seller Products of the Shark Tank



Shark Tank Products are high quality with excellence. The best selling items are the favorite products among all products. Edn-Smart Automated Indoor Gardens, gardening without using any tools. It looks like a decoration on the wall rather than  a soiling garden because tilling, watering it frequently or letting it shine under the sun is no longer needed for the plants to grow up. It is a product that gives a healthier environment in the home, smelling the fresh natural smell of plants, herbs and veggies.


The game apps for kids called the Bitsbox, a learning site for codes and at the same time letting the child be creative by building their own Bitsbox. It is considered a socializing app because kids can share their work to others.


Edn-Smart Automated Indoor Gardens

A not so dirty garden built on the wall of the kitchen is a modern tech styled garden. Edntech is a Colorado company with Ryan Woltz as the inventor of the first Edn Garden, an indoor garden where food plants grow fast. It’s a wood material where you can set up a wall garden and enjoy the herbs and veggies growing up.


A number of people wanted to eat nutritious foods. It saves the time, energy and money from  going out to buy fresh foods. When Ryan Woltz and Edntech created the first WallGarden they made sure that it will not be a messy soil, no tilling, everyday watering and doesn’t need any sunlight. It is a garden that could stay indoors for a long time.


The garden is made out of NASA technology  to let the plants grow from seed till it blooms with less human contact. Install a 32 x 30 x 8 planter on any wall, put seeds on the plantar then leave. It can accommodate 21 plants like herbs, flowers or any other plants. Edntech are selling seed pods for tilling to enhance streamline processes. The product has a built-in water reservoir inorder to water the pants overtime.


The item uses LED lights and is operable for two weeks without human contact. They are good for people who travel all the time, busy people who don’t have time to do the gardening. When the LED light turns blue, its alarming that the reservoir needs to be refilled.


Bitsbox – Teaches Kids To Code

Bitsbox is a subscription service to target kids to learn about  a code. It teaches skills for kids that are not taught from school. It is created by Scot Lininger and Aldan Chopra. It is an app created from the computer or smart phones.


The material gives a dozen potential learnings to kids. They can play with the app and make a socializing site and share it with others who downloaded the website. The children can play with the codes. They can also choose what app they want to create then follow the instructions on how to build it. Once the website is built, they can own it and play with it and can even share it to others.

Best Shark Tank Products