Did Shark Tank Invest In Keto Pills?

Today, many people have understood the significance of shedding unwanted fats and maintaining healthy weight levels. They are now hitting the gym, doing yoga, taking pills, and what-nots to shape their physique. For faster results, most of these gym enthusiasts gear towards supplements. Such weight loss supplements are not new, but they are potent and useful in getting rid of the fats in no time.

Dieticians and weight loss experts are also coming up with different techniques to help lose excess fats. One of the diets that are trending these days is the ketogenic diet or commonly known as the keto diet.

Uncovering the Truth: Did Shark Tank Feature Keto Pills?

Last November 2019, several health and fitness junkies started asking for the truth about keto pills. Claims started circulating online that the famous NBC TV show Shark Tank — a program where judges decide to invest or not in different ventures in front of the camera — funded the existence of a certain “keto” pill.

In this context, the term keto is a form of dieting that forces the body to metabolize fats in the absence of carbohydrates like glucose. However, Shark Tank has set the record straight by denying the claims that they funded or pitched on keto-based products. For the record, although Shark Tank did not feature keto pills, it does not change the fact that supplementing your diet with keto diet pills can help reduce your body fats in no time.

A question weighing on a lot of people’s minds, who are trying to be healthy, are fans of Shark Tank, and yet don’t recall the episode of Shark Tank endorsing a keto pill product… The answer to the above question is NO, Shark Tank did NOT invest in the keto pill product.

The website of the scam company states that the endorsement was unanimous from all sharks, but Mark Cuban from the show has publicly stated that it is a scam and they were never even on the show. The images on the company’s website claiming everything that they claim are images taken from other Shark Tank episodes, real episodes with images strung together to make their story seem real. Countless people have been scammed and tricked with their clever false advertisement. The show Shark Tank has expressed that they have tried to track down the scammers but they say it is so hard, like playing Whac a Mole. The product is even sold on Amazon under the advertisement that it has been on Shark Tank and endorsed by sharks. Brands that have the false advertisement might include Keto Pro Diet, ketodietnow.live, Ketopurenutra.com, Jknote.com/KETO, and reallinkworld.com.

But what is Keto Diet?

Being in a keto diet has been the go-to solution of several body-conscious individuals for nearly a century. However, it was only last year when the diet has garnered widespread attention. Aside from its ability to balance the glucose level of the blood, embracing the lifestyle is one of the surefire ways that can help people who want to lose weight. But remember: keto diet is no walk in the park. It is a lengthy undertaking that requires willpower and discipline, especially for dieters who cannot move away from carbohydrates.

For people who find it difficult to follow such a restrictive diet, turning to supplements is their solution. Several keto supplements have been making rounds today. But are they effective?


What are the Benefits of Ketogenic Diet or Low-Carb Diet?

One of the simplest ways to lose weight is to say goodbye to rice, bread, and sweets. Several fitness virtuosos go for ketosis diet. Why? When fat becomes the source of energy, the body burns these fats when it needs more energy instead of burning glucose.

  • Leads to better and faster weight loss

During the ketosis phase, your blood and insulin levels drop. When it happens, the fat cells release the water they have retained. It is the reason why most people notice a BIG loss of weight – they lose water. After this process, the fat cells shrink, small enough to enter the bloodstream and the liver where they will turn to ketones.


  • Fights off Type II Diabetes

Patients with diabetes suffer from increased production of insulin. Since keto diet removes sugar intake from your meals, your Hemoglobin A1c count will reduce and keep your Type II Diabetes under control.


  • Boosts brain health

Using carbohydrates as an energy source causes the blood sugar to fluctuate and drop. Since the energy is not consistent, the brain finds it difficult to focus for long periods. But if you are in a keto diet, the brain uses ketones — which is constant — as its energy source. It means that you can concentrate for longer times and maximize your brain capacity.


  • Improves PCOS symptoms

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that messes with a woman’s ovulation and causes irregular periods. Eating high-carbohydrate foods and high-sugar meals can contribute to the nerve-wracking symptoms of PCOS, including weight gain and skin issues. Thus, many experts recommend women with PCOS to try keto diet and experience its beneficial effects in the long run. How? Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask what PCOS is doing to a patient’s body, a keto diet address the main villain of the story – the sugar. The reduction of sugar in the body can help the ovaries have a happy ending it deserves.


  • Diminishes anxiety attacks and depression

Living with an anxiety disorder is challenging. Anxiety is an emotion that comes with intrusive thoughts and obsessive behavior. Unlike fear, it is a response to a real or perceived threat and a concern about what could happen. To help diminish anxiety, the keto diet might be a useful tool to make you feel your best. The intake of healthy fats and low levels of sugar can change the chemistry of the brain and later on soothe anxiety. It calms the brain, shifts your gut flora, and restores your neurotransmitter balance so you can feel comfortable rather than troubled.


So, although Shark Tank did not invest in a keto pill product, a keto diet can help you lose weight and keto diet pills, used in the correct and appropriate manner, can be beneficial to one’s health. Keto Diet pills themselves come in two different forms. There are literal pills that can be taken that include the nutrient and substances an ideal Keto Diet would contain, and then there are Keto Diet supplementary pills, which supply your body with what might be lacking while you are on a Keto Diet. This might not make sense at first, to distinguish the difference between the two, but if you read on to further examples it makes more sense. Not only does it make more sense, but most importantly, this information can help you decide if it is for you, and regardless of whether you can begin the diet, it does bring to light important concerns one should know about consuming food in this 21st-century world in general, not just in a Keto Diet.


Purefit KETO “Weight Loss” PillDid Shark Tank Invest In Keto Pills?, Best Shark Tank Products

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The Keto Diet limits carbs and puts the body into Ketosis mode, which is when the body learns to burn fat as fuel instead of just carbs in the body. Weight loss is just one of the benefits, which also include increased focus, energy, and fighter of illnesses. A substance that can be taken to almost replace doing the diet itself is a ketone substance called beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB for short. Ketones power the brain and body when the body goes into Ketosis mode. The theory is that BHB taken in pill form can help people reach Ketosis more quickly, without side effects that might come with actually doing a diet, and the benefits are still enjoyed by the subject. A research was done with rats with BHB. When taken, Ketosis was induced without restriction carbs in their diet.

One must proceed with caution, however, because this same study also revealed that BHB taken in pill form could also abuse nausea and stomach pain when taken by humans. Also, taking ketones such as BHB could cause the level of acidity to rise in your body, which would actually make it more difficult for your body to burn fat, and that would defeat the purpose. The effects seem to be mixed and work for some people and not for others.

Concentrated MCT oils (medium-chain triglyercides) come in supplement form, such as this MCT oil coffee creamer. Some people take these in the form of butter in coffee, coconut oil in cooking or baking, or also mixing coconut oil in morning coffee. Taken in supplement form, MCTs can boost metabolism and help control appetite, just as eating them in raw form causes as well. Another supplement is taking an electrolyte blend that has potassium and sodium to ease the side effect of a Keto Diet plan, that can include nausea, headaches, and irritability. Electrolyte blends can be purchased in powder form for blends, but you can also ensure you ingest electrolytes by eating avocados and bone broth in soups.

  • Benefits

Some of the benefits of this diet pill for dieters include lean muscle buildup, better brain health, faster gain from regular exercise, and effective results for only a month. Moreover, it can reduce your appetite since it blocks the signals for more food when the body has received enough. As a result, it decreases your calorie consumption, which leads to faster weight loss experience.


  • Ingredients

Unfortunately, the Purefit Keto pills only list a few ingredients and does not specify the amount of each ingredient in the formula. The only ones listed on the label are the following:

  • Magnesium stearate – a widely used filler in the pharmaceutical field
  • BHB (beta-hydroxymethylbutyrate) – increases muscle gains
  • Rice flour –
  • Silicon dioxide, and gelatin.


Purefit KETO “Fat Burner” PillDid Shark Tank Invest In Keto Pills?, Best Shark Tank Products

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Drinking enough water is also essential. Magnesium is also a less-advertised supplement that dietitians do recommend taking when on the keto, since Ketosis reduced the body of its magnesium levels. Besides taking magnesium supplements, one can eat almonds, cashes, peanuts, and yogurt, which all have magnesium. Supplementation of vitamins is rarely needed under a Keto Diet, since the foods in the diet have naturally high levels of vitamins. This is not true of fiber, which can sometimes be lacking and cause constipation. Fiber can definitely be taken in supplement form, even if it is for a time while the body gets adjusted to a new diet. Caffeine supplements can also be taken, with discretion. Caffeine in the form of supplements usually comes in very high doses, where if taken in overdose could be fatal or at least have serious side effects. It also causes dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water. More than 400 milligrams a day is not safe.

  • MCT Oil Powder/Keto Coffee Creamer

MCT or medium-chain triglycerides are a unique type of fatty acid that you can find in coconut and palm kernel oils. The body converts MCTs into ketones which help burn fats, curb cravings, and boost your brain activity. If you are inn a low-card diet, supplementing your meals with MCT oil will guarantee that you are getting enough fats to stay in ketosis phase.

  • What to Expect

When you add MCTs in your smoothies, coffee, and even salad dressings, you are sure to enhance your performance at the gym, increase your mental clarity, and lose pounds quickly. However, consuming too much of this product can upset your digestive system and cause stomach pain and discomfort. MCT oil powder is an alternative that guarantees the results you want in no time.


  • What to Look for

Before buying MCT oil powder supplements, make sure that you choose high-quality products with the following characteristics:

  • Use fiber-based carriers like tapioca starch or acacia fiber
  • Made from 100% coconuts (NOT palm oil or a mixture of coconut and palm oil)
  • Contain caprylic acid and capric acid
  • Refined and sterilized with low-heat processing
  • Allergen-free
  • NO glucose or other additives


  • Keto-One Advanced Weight Loss Pills

Taking Keto-One Advanced Weight Loss Pills will deliver the ketones needed to shed those stubborn fats efficiently and quickly. It is a high-quality dietary supplement formulated for both men and women who want to lose weight with a low-carb diet.

  • Benefits

Keto-One can kick start your metabolism and provide immediate and sustained energy for exercise with ketosis. You only need to take two capsules a day to enter the fat-burning zone faster.


  • Ingredients

It is a powerhouse supplement the combines the ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine, and Ginseng.


How Shark Tank Diet Pills Curb Your Appetite in a Positive Way
If you are not a diet newbie, you know that its worst side effect is none other than hunger. It is no surprise that many people give up on their diets due to extreme craving for food. Being in a ketosis diet, you will notice that your appetite automatically decreases, while your random cravings reduce.


The Takeaway: Is the Keto Diet Approach Worth it?

The main goal of a ketogenic diet is to achieve nutritional ketosis – a metabolic state when ketone bodies (not glycogen) fuels the body – to support health goals. While there is no magic pill to help shed those pounds overnight, a little help will not hurt with keto pills. It would take some time and effort, but several dieters had huge success with it. So if you are looking for ways to lose weight and be the best version of yourself, try ketogenic diet today and reap more of its benefits with diet supplements available in the market!


We are not medical professionals and  our opinions are entirely our own. Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of the products in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.  It is recommended that users follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve weight loss results.


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