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All work and no play will make you dull. Entertainment gadgets are helpful to distract your thoughts from work and make you relax for some time. These products of Shark Tank can make you unwind from your haggardness of completing your task or your given assignment from work.


Voyage Air Guitar – Fold Up Guitar. A guitar is the most valuable material that somebody carries if that somebody is a singer or a guitarist of a band.Guitars are sometimes needed to be carried everywhere. It can be an irritating baggage because of its bulkiness in lifting it up in a backpack. The fold-up guitar is the solution for the carriage to make it a lightweight and not be an inconvenience in loading it. It becomes handy all over the place because the guitar fits in without hassle.


Love Pop – 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards. Created by Wombi Rose and John Wise. They were both inspired with the art of paper sculpture resulting in a production of love-pop greeting cards. They were able to create 100 varieties of card designs for the purpose of holidays, birthdays, get-well cards, thank you cards, wedding cards and a lot more. In their site  for the greeting cards, there is a feature where real people will write in their own handwritten to be sent to the recipient but it will be done with an additional fee charge. On how to do it, type your message and order it online and the message will be given to the receiver that is written by a true person.


Singtrix -Home Karaoke System. This item can make bad singers turn into good singers where their voices will become amazing. They can sing like a pro regardless of their natural ability to sing. This system offers a 350 built in professional singing effect and a back up harmony created from your own voice.


Roadblock Portable Wireless Record Player. This is the world’s smallest wireless record player. It measures 4x2x2 inch, weighing 3.2 oz. Owning this portable wireless record player is like listening to a multi-sensory musical experience.


Rocket Skates – Electric Motorized Skates. These rocket skates can be recharged through the use of a non-lithium battery. It can carry up to 275 lbs. This can be connected to a mobile app so settings can be monitored to change according to how fast you can run the blades, distance where you can travel and can also monitor the life battery of the skates. The roller skates can run to 10 miles before it will be out of battery. It can be inclined up to 8% maximum uphill. It can secure your shoes with a strap. It is a stable and lightweight material at 7.5 lbs. It is available in three models: the R-6, R-8 and R-10.

Hamboards – Safeboard Sized Skateboards. Hamboards are giant skateboards that can be used. to surf in the ocean. The deal offered by Daymond and Robert to Shark Tank was $300k and 30% share of the company.

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