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Beverages are important to energize the active and non-active people. It awakens and alerts every fiber of our human system. Added to that, it also gives nutrients like protein, vitamins and electrolytes. It is considered good for your health.


Vade Nutrition Protein Shakes

Michael Rutherford’s review in, he commented that protein shakes are a “thumbs up”. The food contains the leanest protein in the market. It does not have sugar and each shake has twenty grams of protein, one gram of fat and one gram of carbohydrate. The food passed the standards for the Safe Quality Foods Program (SQFM) and British Retail Consortium. The Shake also received a compliant Certificate given by the FDA.

NUI Low Sugar Diet Cookies

Nui Foods was founded by Kristoffer Quaint and Victor Macias. “Nui” means greatness and abundance. The cookie has low-carb, high fat, sugar free and grain and gluten free.It consists of 1 g of sugar from the almond and coconut flours. They also put fruit extract and erythritol. There are no artificial sweeteners.

Cave Shake Paleo Diet Shakes Keto diet consists of high-fat, low-carb dessert. The diet is very effective in lessening the weight. Ingesting keto diet will promote breaking down of fats in the body. The product was awarded by the Editor’s Choice as “Best New Food” because of the presence of burgeoning keto diet. It comes in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and coffee. 

Sunniva Super Coffee This coffee is a fortified caffeinated premium product whose main goal is to be a leading on-the-go coffee brand. It gives health benefits and boosts the energy of the human system. This coffee is popular among millennials, corporate professionals, recreational and pro athletes, soccer moms and any coffee lover who are healthy conscious. It is very ideal to drink it after a day’s work because it refreshes back your energy upwards before going back again to your work setting.

Oatmeals – Oatmeal Cafe It  comes in three sizes: papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. It is made up of steel-cut oats and has 80 toppings to choose from: fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, sweet stuff, savory stuff, sweet dallops, drizzles and spices.

Oatmeals-oatmeal Cafe is good for drinks when you mix it with your breakfast. It is an excellent choice for food to eat for the day because of the oatmeal ingredient present in the product.

Slate Chocolate Milk  A beverage made for chocolate lovers.The milk chocolate is a natural protein that is rich in vitamins and electrolyte. The product is excellent to the taste. The slate chocolate milk is completely natural with no preservatives, gluten free and non-nuts. It has less sugar content compared to a regular chocolate milk. It can also be a beverage to your kid and might like it so much because of its natural taste.

All products found on this article come from Shark Tank products. It is found  in the food and drink categories. There are other new created products found on this page. You can choose foods that are right for your diet and other beverages that are good to your taste.


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