“I think the price of Bitcoin … will quantuple…” – Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

“I think the price of Bitcoin, on a long-term basis, will quantuple, if that’s a word,” Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec told Kitco News in a Feb. 25 interview

Sharks are known for being ocean predators waiting for their next target. And, in a show like Shark Tank, you’re the bait. Known for bringing innovation to a whole new level, the show is a chance for young entrepreneurs to present unique products and persuade investors whether or not it’s worth putting money into.

One of the show’s co-host, Robert Herjavec, recently made known his fondness regarding digital payments. He brought up one of America’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), stating that the value of the brand would only multiply during its term.

Herjavec swears upon digital currency as he looks forward to the future success of the digital payment platform. Bitcoin was deemed a convenient form of money transfer, that within the day and age we live in, would serve as a better option especially for consumers finding the easy route.

Despite being a multi-billionaire, he confuses the term ‘Bitcoin’ with the cryptocurrency market in its entirety. The term cryptocurrency may seem like a heavy term for someone who’s only starting in the business, however, it sums up to using cryptography to secure financial transactions. Granted, bitcoin became the face of cryptocurrency.

Mark Cuban, Herjavec’s co-host, agreed with his beliefs that the cryptocurrency market is an asset worth investing. Though, Cuban says otherwise, seeing the Bitcoin brand as a collectible.

The Bitcoin currency, still, received a seal of approval from Robert Herjavec as well as his utmost support by using digital payment and the fragmented industry.

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