Most Popular Products of Shark Tank – Part: 02



Shark Tank’s popular products are the best kind. Dreampad Pillows Plays Music, a product that vibrates sound to let your brain unwind for relaxation. As for SnoofyBee, there is no struggling in changing diapers of your baby. Babies are put to a steady direction while changing pads.


Dreampad Pillows Plays Music To Help You Fall Asleep

Dreampad is the answer to your sleeping problems. It has a built-in  sound gadget to help the ones who have issues on their sleeping time fall into sleep. The technology will activate the unwind relaxation hormone of our minds and system. The pillows are one of a kind material for people who have trouble falling asleep.


The Dreampad pillows work by vibrating the produced sound. Added to that, the users are the only ones who can hear the vibrations. The music will not disturbed anybody when it’s time to fall asleep.


The pillows were originally made for children with increased levels of anxiety such as trauma or autism. Parents admire the item because children of all ages are going to bed without sleep disturbances. Parents admitted that the product worked for them too.


In creating the Dreampad, speakers are not the ones used for music to produce sounds instead, transducers are used and is built-in inside the pillow which produces beats that enter directly to the nervous system then going through the inner ear vibrations. The sounds come from smartphones which connect to a bluetooth or a jack. There is an app available to download music to let the mind relax and trigger sleep.


There were many materials that were used before the Dreampad Pillow creation was produced. The company’s purpose is to create materials and procedures that are outstanding. Their mission is to get as much sleep as possible for the unwind relaxation.


The company gives donations to women’s shelters, trauma relief, war veteran groups, autism and sensor processing disorder organizations.


Snoofybee Diaper Changing Pad

Michael and Amy Perry are the founders of Snoofybee Diaper Changing Pad. They were inspired by their first child. Both did struggle in changing diapers for their baby. After many attempts and prototypes, they came up with their amazing made changing diapers easy.


SnoofyBee is a solution that keeps bacterias and baby’s attention while they change the baby’s diaper. Worries against struggling curiosity, risks for mishaps or irritations will no longer be an issue because the cone-shaped barrier will limit it all. Through this item, babies will have a comfort in changing diapers and a space for their play area where toys can be hung to let them play with it.


The creators have turned their product into a big business. Michael was the one who initiated the item because of his past experience. He worked in a small business as a consultant for shipping and logistics and so he  learned more marketing and distribution of products across the country. Michael’s SnoofyBee product was a great success due to his knowledge and a good communicator has transferred the product into a best seller item.


Because of the help of the crowdfunding agency for entrepreneurs who wanted to expand business, Michael and Amy released a campaign in 2015 and had raised a $120,000 for their product.


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