Most Popular Products of Shark Tank – Part: 01




Shark Tank’s most popular items, The Original Comfy, the sweatshirt turns into a blanket suit that’s super comfortable to wear. The EveryWell Home Health Test, a great app tool for evaluating our health status. You don’t have to travel for your tests. You can stay home and results will be sent to your doorstep.


The Original Comfy

Michael Speciale who lives In Phoenix Arizona was the one who invented the original comfy. He got his inspiration from his nephew who was lying on the sofa wearing old hoodies owned by his father. Beside him is a soft comfy blanket. Mixing the hoodies and the soft comfy, he created a soft comfy sweatshirt/blanket.


The sweatshirt blanket is a one size fit design and comes in three different colors, pink, blue and gray. The large size of the sweatshirt does not need to untangle when waking up in the morning especially during the cold season. The comfy can also be used during sports events, overnight camping trips and long distance flights.


EveryWell Home Health Tests

EveryWell home health test is an application of do-it-yourself healthcare tests like checking hormone levels, blood sugar, cholesterol and a lot more. The traditional tests that healthcare providers do like monitoring blood pressure, heart rate and temperature can already be done on smartphones and  tablets. 


With at-home tests, there is less cost to clinic visits and result tests that are understandable like layman terms. The tests help us to immediately monitor our physical health status. There are less miles to travel for doing health check-ups to the facility. 


The test was found in 2015 by Julia Cheek. She hired an expert team that could help her create an app for health care monitoring. They come up with tests that include General Wellness for sensitivity and cholesterol, Men’s Health for testosterone, STDs, Women’s Health for fertility, STDs and Energy and Weight for thyroid and metabolism.


The business is established in 46 states. The healthcare tests became popular in many publications. Consumers can get their samples according to their time and physician results will be given to them that can be easily understood.


The steps in doing the home health test: Initially, customers will require a test kit on the EveryWell website. The request is accompanied by an authorized instruction by a physician. The EveryWell will then give tools for collecting samples with free cost. Then once samples are given back, it will be examined and then results will be given to the consumers.


Just to be noted, that the test results are not intended for diagnosis on any disease or condition. For any normal or abnormal findings, you still need to consult a physician for further diagnosis.


EveryWell is planning for expansion by adding more available tests and resources. They plan to be in partners with healthcare providers, more retail stores, available subscription and result for repeated examination.


Shark Tank popular products are the best product. It is the most favorite of all items because of its trusted quality.

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