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Caring for our pet is needed for them to survive. Medical equipment and medicinal materials are important to detect and treat illness as quickly as possible. It is a way of helping the pets maintain their healthy condition. Pet care products could give solutions for pets healthy maintenance. These are highly recommended, safe to use and less side effects.


Petnostics. This is an equipment used for testing the urine of cats and dogs. It is a urinalysis laboratory test that can be done at home. To use it, get a urine sample from the dog or cat in the provided cup. Then put the lid in an on switch and the built-in testing strips will start to read with the urine. Apply petnostics to study the examination instantly.This product is great for early detection of diabetes mellitus (common among dogs and cats) urinary tract infection can be life threatening, This also includes kidney and bladder stones.


Basepaws cat DNA test. Ana Skaya, the founder and CEO of Basepaws, has worked for Groupon Russia in 2011. She was highly successful in this position and became dedicated, resilient and laser focused on expanding an excellent business.


According to Skaya, in addition to satisfying a cat lover’s attention about their own pet gathering, general information on cats may have broader implications. In John Seigal interview of “Built LA” on May 26, 2018, Skaya explains that cats share over 250 genetic diseases with humans including HIV (FIV in cats).


In January 2019, Basepaws was shown at the Consumers Electronic Show in Las Vegas and in March 2019, won a Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida.

Periodic updates still continue about research cat nutrition and routine medical needs.


Wondercide. Natural flea tick and pest control for pets and people. This is used to remove chemical pesticides from our lives.


Stepahnie Boone, founder of wondercide, gets her inspiration after her dog Luna who suffered from the side effects of flea and tick treatment. Her dog developed pesticide poisoning with seizures and chronic tissues to liver and kidney failure.


This product has no toxic chemicals, no artificial color and fragrance, no preservatives and no pyrethrins or synthetic pesticides. It is made up with premium natural and organic ingredients which are very effective like the toxic chemicals they replace.


Himalayan Dog Chow. This is an extremely hard cheese that is made up of four ingredients such as yak milk, cow, salt and tine juice.There are no preservatives, additives or color added, They contain no meat protein. They are also soft when given properly and it will not stain furnitures or carpets because it has no dyes present in making this product.


Medical materials are important in caring for our pets. This will help eradicate their illness and will detect their illness quickly so that treatment can be given without experiencing further complication about their diseases.Pet owners will no longer worry about their sick pets because in using these equipment, the illnesses will be detected early so right treatment will be given immediately.

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