Season 11 Shark Tank Products

New products from Shark Tank are quality made and very durable. These items are newly created and very original. The product will directly be taken from the creators themselves that materials used are trusted and very authentic.


Rocketbook Wave Small Notebook

It was invented by Cambridge University grads. The gadget where handwritten files are made possible. There is a cloud storage set up where saved documents or projects are transferable to another file to make the image more clear. You don’t have to buy a new  notebook when pages are full like the traditional way, instead pack the save files then start all over again with a blank page. This product is a new high technology invention for students, professionals and businessmen.


Guardian Bike – World Safest Bicycles

In 2015, they awarded the bike as the Safest Bike For Kids. It is designed to be light in weight. and can be quickly maneuvered from side to side. They consist of 100% aircraft grade aluminum and weigh lighter than any other bikes. The bike is very secure to use because it prevents accidents when riding it. It is good for the children due to its lightweight. It is a comfortable product to use.


Unbuckle Me Child’s Car Seat Tool

The purpose of the car seat tool is to prevent kids from unbuckling during driving down the road. The seat tool will secure the children in place and avoid them from transferring seats to the other.In using this product, the force of unbuckling lessened to 50%. It is created in the U.S. and has been tested and passed any lead content of product material. Many parents are having difficulties in unbuckling their child through this made product, handling a kid in the car seat makes it easy.

The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder

The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder

The little burro can hold up to 80 pounds which is created with a UV resistant HDPE plastic that can accommodate most wheelbarrows. There is a compartment design for short handle tools, long handle tools and drinks.The product also has a planned pocket that is water-resistant for the purpose of putting personal belongings like cell phones, sunglasses, gardening gloves, etc. It can load a five- gallon bucket, two-by-four and flat flowers. Out of 11,000 products, Little Burro won as the “best new product” in Las Vegas at the National Hardware Show.


First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent

Limestone is applied in preventing growing pests in the backyard. This medicine is for insect control that has a formulation of an insoluble hydrated limestone. This insect repellent has less side effects in terms of moisture. There are also no respiratory issues when in use. It is very safe to use because it will not cause any hazardous effects. It is a trusted brand for the family’s safety.


If you want to own original products straight from the creators themselves, order it through Shark Tank Sites or just click the link and you will be redirected to season 11 items. All other products will be displayed.

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