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Giving services to customers is a manual job. You need handwork and reliable personnel to do the job well. Pleasing customers and giving their satisfaction in your services is the most valuable attitude to be effective.


NerdIT Now Phone And Computer Repair – Shark Tank Products

The owner of this repair shop is Markevis Gideon whose passion is technology. During his student years, one of his teachers allowed him to make repairs on an old computer and amazingly he was able to get the job done.

He started his business in 2015. After pricing approval, the company works by letting their customers drop off their computers. The kiosk will now send a signal to the repairing team then one of them will get out from the ‘ambulance’ to repair the device and if it cannot be immediately repaired, they will have to bring the device back to the storefront if necessary.


DNA Simple Generic Research Match-Maker

The purpose of this service is for genetic matchmaking with research world studies. More donors are needed for the purpose of treatment studies.


Prepwell Academy is a virtual project for teenage students and their parents for self-discovery, reflections and preparations. The goal of their services is for students inorder for them to enhance their critical thinking for the personal and professional skills to face the real world.

Their learning instructions are given through video advice, life skills and programs. The lessons will be held for 3-5 minutes. There is also one to one counselling when needed.


Recharj Meditation and Napping Studio. Daniel Turissini was the creator of recharj. He has a habit of having a short nap during his work day. According to NASA, sleeping pilots and astronauts found out that 40 minutes of sleep in a day will improve the performance of the workers by 34% and 100% alertness.


Hotels By Day. This is the ideal place to stay when you want to unwind. It is a very convenient and affordable place to stay to have a little time for yourself. There are no booking fees, email confirmation, free cancellation until last minute.


Emazinglights. Gloving is the art of showing a light show using gloves that illuminates. Your fingers create a pattern of lights and movements. It’s a very entertaining amazing art light when it is put on a show.


Freaker USA – Bottle Insulators. The company creates bottles in different sizes and styles.These are designs available: Baberaha Lincoln, The Kim Jong Illest and The Shaquille O’Peel. They are the top company among the globe that prevents moist and sweaty beverages.


Vurtego Pogo Sticks. This product holds the world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick. It has many jumps in just a minute and the most flips among the best. The stick is very durable and quality made. It is very indestructible because of the aluminum and stainless component of the stick.


Servicing personnel of Shark Tank gives excellent quality. Every aspect of the services given are well managed and the best personnel are providing the most services that you need.

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