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When one thinks of Shark Tank, it is understandable if you don’t instantly associate it with kids. However, over the years, some of the best and brightest ideas presented on Shark Tank have come from parents looking to make their lives a little easier, or looking to improve the quality of life for their children. From toys to safety devices, many creators who appeared on Shark Tank have had some inspired ideas when developing products for children. Here are some of the best Shark Tank products designed with kids in mind.

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Talkie by Toymail: Hank a Dino, Voice chat smart toy lets kids stay connected to you, As seen on Shark Tank

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In this modern world, as technology becomes a more integrated part of our lives, it is inevitable that parents will at some point have to consider whether to give their children a smartphone or not. With busy schedules, moms and dads often spend more time away from their kids than they would like. Being able to drop your child a quick message, or check-in with loving words, can make this separation a lot easier for all. But with so many safety concerns, giving a smartphone to your child may not be something you feel comfortable doing. This is why the clever and cute Toymail is ideal.

Created by MIT graduate Gauri Nanda and Co-Creator Audry Hill, Toymail is a lovable stuffed animal-like walkie-talkie toy, available in a range of beautiful soft creatures . The toy connects via the Toymail app to the parent’s smartphone. Even Grandma and Grandpa can get involved regardless of distance. Via this app, you can send loving messages to your child throughout the day, let them know you’re on your way home, or even ask what they want for dinner. With a press of Toymail’s mouth, kids can listen to their messages and even record their own reply.


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As every parent everywhere can attest to, bathtime can often be far more drama than fun, especially for children who are nervous bathers. Another Shark Tank innovation designed around kids’ love for their stuffed animals, SoapSox is a range of plush animal-shaped toys which can be taken directly into the bath. Outside of the bathtub, the SoapSox can be your child’s favorite cuddly toy. As the transition from playtime to bathtime happens, their toy can be happily brought along.

Featuring an inner stuffing made from antimicrobial sponge and a rugged outer casing of terry cloth, the machine washable SoapSox has pockets specifically designed to be filled with liquid soap, or even a soap bar. Simply add water and allow your child’s beloved toy to work up a lather and act as a washcloth. Winning the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) award for innovation in 2014, the SoapSox characters such as Hunter the Gator, Charlotte the Seal, and Taylor the Turtle will ensure bathtime is no longer dreaded.


Jungle JumpaRoo

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Safety is a primary concern when choosing any toy for your children. However, finding a safe activity-based toy for both indoor and outdoor use can be a real challenge. Not only that, but large toys and playsets, purchased at great expense, are often outgrown within a few short years. Activity sets designed for adolescents and teenagers are usually unsafe for younger siblings.

Winning Parents’ Choice Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, and receiving the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center, enter the Jungle JumpaRoo and the answer to all of these problems.  The Jungle JumpaRoo combines the bounce of a trampoline with the fun of a jungle gym and a swing, all in one safe playset for every age group. The base is comprised of a super bouncy inflatable tube. The low to the ground base makes it easy for toddlers to use, as well as minimizing the potential for injuries. The colorful center poles are for climbing, being sturdy enough to be used by several adults at once. The Jungle JumpaRoo is completed with a trapeze-like swing at its center.

Amazon customers have called the Jungle JumpaRoo the best toy ever. This durable set won’t damage floors when used indoors, and its specially powder-coated steel poles are designed to withstand the elements outdoors. Even the rubber tube can stand up to heat, cold and sun to ensure it can be enjoyed for many years to come.



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The ideal toy will not only keep your child happy for hours, but will be educational also. Educational toys a provide value to both parents and children beyond mere entertainment value. As technology, and the need to understand it, advances around us, what kind of toy can be presented to kids today that will teach them about coding? Computer coder Scott Lininger and his partner Aidan Chopra have found a fun solution. Bitsbox is designed to help kids learn how to code, an incredibly valuable skill in today’s world.

Bitsbox is a monthly subscription-based product where children choose the app they wish to build and, using the Bitsbox interface via its website, follow the steps to build it themselves. Bitsbox apps are compatible, via any web browser, with all computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

This innovative and unique product has been designed with one thought in mind, to encourage kids want to learn how to code. Using Bitsbox, kids are shown how to physically type in code, a process missing from other nearest competitors. Once the app foundation has been built, the child can get creative and make the app their own. When finished, kids can even share their creations with mom and dad so everyone can get involved.


EggMazing Egg Decorator

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Amid a sea of technology, one children’s pastime never seems to get old, decorating eggs at Easter time (or any other time for that matter). This enjoyable, creative hobby can come with some messy drawbacks for parents though. Creator Scott Houdashell designed the EggMazing Egg Decorator so that the process of coloring eggs didn’t create a colorful, glitter-filled mess.

The EggMazing Egg Decorator comprises of an egg-shaped holder, into which a hard-boiled egg is placed. Using the non-toxic markers, hold your favorite colors to the egg and get spinning. As the EggMazing Egg Decorator rotates the egg, colorful and beautiful designs are created in an instant.

A simple yet solid idea, the EggMazing Egg Decorator is a wonderful example of the useful creations found only on Shark Tank.

Ezpz Mat

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Mealtimes can be messy endeavors when young children are involved. Plates can be flung as arms are flailed, and that’s when the tot is happy! The Ezpz Mat provides a simple, yet thoroughly satisfying, solution.

The Ezpz Mat is a grippy silicone placemat with built-in plate, which forms a suction to any flat surface making it impossible for your child to knock over their food. The mat comes in a variety of colors and styles, including the Happy Mat, the Happy Bowl, the Mini Mat, the Micro Mat and the Snack Mat. Each design features a style most suited for a certain age group, ranging from infants to toddlers. The Ezpz offering has even diversified to include the Ezpz Making Mealtime Fun Cookbook, providing ideas and advice on the best meals to make the most out of the Ezpz Mat.

Each dishwasher-friendly placemat, while flexible, is also stiff enough to carry without spilling anything. Made from high-quality food grade silicone, the hypo-allergenic Ezpz Mat is safe to use and is PVC, BPA, lead and phthalate free. It reassuringly won’t harbor any bacteria. The Ezpz Mat has every meal time covered.

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Emma Meyer - 4 years ago

The Jungle JumpaRoo is the best purchase we’ve made for our kids in a long time!! They LOVE it!!! I have twin 4 year old boys. There has been 4 kids of all different ages at once jumping with no issues and was totally safe! My boys love to hang on the top too.

Lucia Gill - 4 years ago

Ezpz mats are amazing! We love love love the full size mats, but really needed a smaller size to fit between the handles of the boys chairs. My kids cannot get these up at all and they are so easy to clean and much more manageable than the big trays. This is an ingenious idea by a fed up mom and I’m so thankful she came up with her invention. We will get years of use from these!

Alicia Byrd - 4 years ago

Toymail is such a great idea. It took me a while to get it all setup, but it was well worth it. Gave it to my 2 1/2 year old niece. I live in CA. She’s in TX. It’s fun to know (via the internal accelerometer) when she’s playing with the toy. I can send her a quick voice text. With her mom’s help, she can use it to send voice messages to me or her distant grandparents, or other pre-approved family members (up to 10).

Margarita Pratt - 4 years ago

Soapsox works great! my son loves it. He is 6 and we are encouraging independence and he has started giving himself baths with limited supervision. Soapsox makes it fun for him and it does a great job getting soapy.

Karla Murray - 4 years ago

The EggMazing Egg Decorator is absolutely EggMazing. The kids are still wanting to decorate eggs even though it is well after Easter. I won’t even lie, I had a hard time letting them use it because I even enjoyed it. I didn’t try the pens that came with it, I purchased the suggested pack of Sharpies since it had more colors. It’s almost therapeutic to sit and color on it. You do have to be careful, too much pressure while the egg is spinning can cause the egg to get a little off balance. It would be awesome to be able to turn the eggs so that we could do vertical stripes as well, but weren’t able to figure out a way to do that.

Brandi Wolfe - 4 years ago

I saw the Ezpz mats on Shark Tank, and while the owner didn’t go forward with an investment, she sold me. I love this. It stays put for my son while he eats, which has been great. The only issue is that our dog bit a tiny piece out of the side and now it no longer suctions, so my son picks it up and drops it off his high chair tray. I really should get another one!

Sonya Mccormick - 4 years ago

The Soapsox are absolutely adorable. Bought Taylor the Turtle and Tank the Shark for my kids. They love to play with them, and the toys are soft enough when used as sponges. These are a must for kids that don’t like to be clean LOL!

Sharon Johnson - 4 years ago

Jungle Jumpaooo really is a fantastic toy for small children, especially if you don’t have a yard large enough for a trampoline, or simply don’t want one because of safety issues. Three kids can get on this at a time and bounce together, and have fun chasing each other around the circle. Both my three year old and my six year old love it equally and it gets a lot of use.

Cindy Scott - 4 years ago

The egg decorator is the greatest idea ever. No more messy dye and my two girls ages 3 & 6 absolutely loved it. They were amazed and the beautiful eggs that they created. Can’t wait to use it again and will probably use it from now on if we fix any eggs for any occasion.

Sandra Torres - 4 years ago

We love Bitsy from Toymail! We bought her so that our children and my husband can communicate when he is working away. For one, it is awesome I don’t have to help or use my phone for my kids to “talk” to their dad. And it is awesome that the kids can send and listen to messages on their own. Even my 1 year old knows how to push the belly to hear messages, and he does over and over! I like that the “sending” function TELLS the kids that it is still working on sending messages (I believe this is actually an update recently because I think it only beeped before). But now they know to not push a bunch of buttons while it is sending a message. Very cute and functional, definitely recommend!

Desiree Reid - 4 years ago

Ezpz mats are awesome!! Our one year old has a high chair that adjusts to table height. We wanted to make our family dinners more inclusive, so we dropped her chair, and pulled her right up to the table with the rest of her family. She loves that. But she kept overturning her plate. I saw this plates, and ordered one. Viola! Works perfectly! She can sit with us, and feed herself, allowing Mom & Dad to have a halfway civilized meal together. Ordering more!


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