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Saucemoto dip clip car sauce holder is one of the best selling and most popular products of Shark Tank. A dipper that can accommodate any sauce and let it be intact even in a bumpy road. Its enjoying the food dipper while driving on the busy road. The enjoyable shower spray and scrubber called Aquapaw pet bathing tool. Bathing your dog without hassle that will also save your time and energy.


Saucemoto Dip Clip Car Sauce Holder 

The product was developed for 10 years. They invented the item from prototype to prototype until the design became perfect to its uses and styles. The material was designed for dipping while driving inside the car. On the top surface, a rotating universal mount stainless steel that is close with silicone so to hold the dipper tightly. There is also a vent dip that fits almost any vent design. 


The vent has an engineering-grade ABS plastic which has a 5-in-1 aperture style that can hold almost all sauces from all major chains. The invented vent was very effective to any sauce because Saucemoto dip clip car sauce holder can let the sauce be intact even in a bumpy ride situation.


Accompanied the Saucemoto dip clip car sauce holder is a food-safe polypropylene Ramekin that fits perfectly in the aperture design which has the capacity to hold a 1.3 fl oz or about 5 packets sauce that can quickly be washable and reusable container. The product can be used by any spread or sauce like veggies and ranch dressing, pita chips and hummus and sushi and soy sauce.


Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Daniel Lentz, inventor of the Aquapaw pet bathing tool, was formerly a family dog bather when he was a kid. The product can be used in two ways: a shower scrubber and a sprayer at the same time. It was styled with tiny rubber nuts that are capable of scrubbing a hairy dog. It also serves as a shower sprayer to rinse the soap made bubbles on the hairy dog. 


To use this item, strap the tool into your hand then adjust it in accordance to the size of your hand. Button controls can be found in the strap where sprinkling water flow will be out once the controller will be opening to drop out a flow of water. The 8-foot long connector can be connected to the aquapaw for easy accessibility.


Aquapaw can be used indoors or outdoors. Showering the pets is a relaxing way to both the user and the pet. The buttons are quick and easy to control.


These products can be bought online through the Shark Tank site. It’s easy to access and make orders online and the product will be there in a while and then be delivered to your doorstep. Shark Tank’s pet bathing tool and saucemoto dip clip car sauce holder are trusted quality that uses safe and recommended plastic products. Contact the site for further details 

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