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What’s the deal with Shark Tank CBD Oil? Does it really work? Did the Sharks invest in Jamie Richardson? Will it get me high? What is it made out of? You’ve come to the right place.  Although no CBD Oil or CBD gummies or anything CBD related were featured on Shark Tank, any questions you might’ve had about CBD oils and many others will be answered in this article as we explore the power CBD oils.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural oil which comes from the flower of the cannabis plant.  It is a supplement that has been embraced by many different cultures for thousands of years, from ancient China to ancient Egypt, Classical Greece, through the Spanish Conquest, and used all the way up until the 1930’s! But it was only two decades ago that we really started to discover the benefits, especially for the brain and bod!

It is a natural alternative to the chemical-laden and dangerous pharmaceutical medicines that are quite often pushed upon us by our healthcare providers.  If you’re like me, and these medications just DON’T work for you, then you NEED to try some CBD!  Trust me; your body will thank you in the long run.


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My Story

For years I suffered from pain that no pain reliever would even touch.  I was diagnosed with adenomyosis when I was only 32 years old.  Adenomyosis is a debilitating disease whereby the inner lining of the uterus grows into the (outer) muscle wall.  It can be excruciating, causing labor-like pains, enough to make me vomit, and other awful symptoms.   My options were to take birth control or get a hysterectomy.  After trying birth control for several months and still coming down with horrible pain, on a daily basis, I couldn’t take the pain anymore.  It was beginning to destroy my mental health.  So I opted for the hysterectomy, knowing I would never have children.

But before I went under the knife, a phone call changed my life.  I was feeling pretty low after suffering all day in pain.  I called one of my best friends and told her I was going to have a hysterectomy.  That’s when she told me all about a supplement that changed my life… CBD.

The first time I tried CBD during one of my painful flare-ups I noticed the effect immediately. It didn’t just take the edge off; it completely took my pain away! My life would forever be changed.  I no longer needed a life-altering surgery.  CBD helped me get my life back!  And it can help you too!

What Else Is CBD Good For?

CBD is an EXCELLENT CHOICE for those who suffer from the following:

⎫    Chronic Pain

⎫    Anxiety

⎫    Depression

⎫    Inflammation

⎫    Arthritis

The list truly goes on and on!

OK, I Want To Try It.  So Where Do I Buy It?

Check out True Bliss CBD Oil has a great line of 100% pure and amazing CBD products.  From beauty products to edibles and more, this is the top-choice for everything I need CBD.


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Why True Bliss CBD Oil?

While these products have not made it to Shark Tank, I cannot recommend them enough!

Has chronic pain slowed you down or taken away the life you once loved? Order today and get your life back with this product! By relieving your pain, it will help get you moving, letting you live an active and pain-free life once again.  I love True Bliss because they offer a quality product that is scientifically proven to help.  They manufacture their product from family farms with the most strict regulations in order to protect their beloved customers.  Plus, they have a secure website, unlike some other sketchy CBD websites.  And the best part? They’re so sure you will love their product that they offer a 30-Day no-risk money-back guarantee!  That’s a rare find in this industry!

But I Get Drug Tested At Work! Can I Still Take This?

Yes, you can still take CBD.  Unlike THC, True Bliss CBD Oil will not show up in a drug test.  Other brands may cause a failure because their ingredients are often a blend of THC and CBD.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you must be 18+ to place an order.


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Is It Safe?

CBD is very safe.  It is made from ingredients straight from the Earth itself.  It is also non-addictive, so you need not to worry about that.  Though CBD is related to THC (the chemical in marijuana responsible for making you feel “high”), they are not the same.  CBD does not cause the intoxicated feeling like THC does.  CBD and THC have different actions on the brain.  However, if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications, you should always consult with your provider first.

How Do I Use It?

True Bliss CBD oil works rapidly to ease your muscle and joint pain in a specially formulated spray.  All you have to do is spritz some on your body.  When it gets absorbed, you will reap the benefits. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping put out the fire in the body.  You’ll feel like your whole body is years younger!

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If you’ve been on the fence about using CBD products, hopefully you found this article to be helpful.  For more of our articles on holistic weight loss products, click here.  Thanks for reading!


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