Shark Tank Products: Tech and Electronics

Technical inventions erupted in its peak in today’s modern times. There are many updates and upgrades that are happening on the devices that we controlled. These products from Shark Tank are tech and electronics with high quality and consider to be a trusted brand.


Ball Throwable Wireless Microphone

Created by Shane Cox and his brand Peeq. This is a soft round blue ball that serves as a throwable wireless microphone. It is quicker to set it up than a standing microphone. 

The microphone can be used for video conferencing , group discussions and podcasting. The range of this product measures 75 feet with a mic inserted inside the round blue ball. The receiver can be connected to any kinds of speaker system.


Guard Llama Personal Safety Device Calls 911

Joseph Parisi  and Nick Nevarez get their inspiration in inventing guard llama when calling security because fierce animals are about to strike.The device helps in a quick response of security personnel during emergencies. You don’t have to dial 911, all you need to do is press the button for help and 911 personnel will be coming at your doorstep.

For the gadget to work, press the button twice and an image of you, your medical history and your GPS location in a 9 feet distance will immediately be given to the police dispatch to rescue victim  in the nick of time.


Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

This is the first skateboard that is made by electric motors located inside the wheel. In using it, you don’t have to use gears or belts. The skateboard weighs 14 pounds and can load a 250 pounds skater then ride up to 24 mph. The acceleration is predictable.and smooth. The controls are easy to step on.It can uphill to 15 degrees incline. This gadget can be used from 7-10 miles when in full charge. The batteries are charged in 90 minutes. It has a Bluetooth remote control with LED headlights in front. It is good to skate even at night time because of the lights. The item is good for exercise.


Frend Designer Headphones.

Their headphones have the highest sound quality with different designs like Taylor collection, the Layla collection, FrendsX Swarovski, Zirconia, Frends with Dolce and Gabanna collection and Frends X BaubleBar collection. It is a removable outer covering cap. This headphones has a built-in microphone and settings for music and phone. The ear cushions are made of memory foam for the earring wear. This headphone is comfortable for use. It was designed excellently with care. 


Linka-Smart-Bluetooth Bike Lock

This can be easily attached to the body of your bicycle. The lock is built-in in the bike. Just press the lock and automatically close the bike from moving. A siren will be heard when somebody wants to steal the bike. The device can be connected to any other Linka through the use of bluetooth to track the stolen bike. In having this gadget, your bike is secured and so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on any sidewalk. As long as you have the lock, nobody can steal the bike from you.

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