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Draining Hair Catcher For Shower Drains, one of the most popular items among consumers. It catches the messy hair and debris that clogs in the draining water flow. It’s a material that all you have to do is pull the top cover and all the stuck debris will be out. 


The super delicious healthy snack called Delighted By Hummus-Sweet Dessert Hummus. It’s a spread to your chips making it more tasty and having more delighted sweet dessert to ingest in the stomach.


Draining Hair Catcher For Shower Drains

Jennifer and Gifford Briggs are creators of the draining hair catcher for shower drains. All their 5 daughters have long hair that their shower drain is always stuck and water cannot overflow freely to drain it. They have to clean the shower drain to remove all debris particles that clogged the water from draining in. Any liquids to help remove the clog does not help to drain all the time. Sometimes, these liquids can destroy pipes and septic tanks.


The product does not work by cleaning the trapped hairs or debris in the drain instead, a drainwig will trap all those messy hairs or soap scum and grime. To use the product, let the drainwig drop down the draining system then the top cover that looks like a white flower will be placed on top of the drain. It is very effective for stand-up showers and bathtubs. The Drainwig’s hooked chain will do the hair catcher. When it’s full, just lift the top cover flower and then trash the Drainwig catcher. After trashing, replace the catcher with a new one.


Check the Draining Hair Catcher every 2-4 months to see if it is still clean and water is still flowing in freely. The hair trapper is 100% disposable and in disposing the debris what you will just hold is the top cover’s white flower design that you already don’t need gloves to clean the messy hair.


Drainwig is not an expensive item and through their functions, you can shower in the bathroom for a long time and that includes the draining system to be free from clogged for a long time.


Delighted By Hummus – Sweet Dessert Hummus

Sweet Dessert Hummus is a healthy and delicious snack that uplifts you up when eating it. The Hummus has a similar taste with cookie dough. It is a dessert that’s good for your health.


Delighted By Hummus is in the category of sweet spreads with chickpeas as the main ingredient. Other ingredients are coconut oil, additives like garlic and lemon with cinnamon, vanilla beans and cocoa powder. They are sweetened with coconut sugar and considered to be a natural low-glycemic sweetener.


The Sweet Dessert Hummus has come with 4 flavors: Vanilla Bean, Snickerdoodle, Choc-o Mint and Brownie Batter. The dessert is vegan, dairy free and gluten-free. 


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