Shark Tank Products: Toys, Kids and Babies

Equipment used for kids should not be hazardous. Shark Tank products are safe materials for children. The products will undergo a series of tests before it will be approved by the Shark Tank.


Space Traveller Kids Car Seat Cover

The space traveller is durable and easy to clean fabric. The weight is 32x19x19. When folded it sizes into 13x13x3. Each kid has its own back seat. The sides have windows that can be open and close. Each pocket on both sides of the seat cover is used for storage of all the kid’s stuff.


Potty Safe Child Proof Potty Training Toilet

Potty safe is styled with childproof latch, non-slip feet and an attached splash guard. It was produced by Stacy and Colt Hall. The product was given an award as a Creative Child Product of the Year in 2019. In the same year, the product received another award as a 2019 Baby Maternity Top Choice Award. The training toilet is the best there is for toddlers who want to eliminate. It is the right choice of product to train kids for their toilet training.


SlumberPod Privacy Tent for Toddlers

This product is easy to fix or unfixed. It is a privacy tent that encloses a playard, travel or mini crib and mattress so that the child will sleep comfortably when you travel. The item was made up to 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It weighs lightly at about 50x36x56 and can be folded to 17x5x6 that is fitting in a luggage.It is safe to use after passing the required Juvenile Product Safety Test and an Advance Testing for the Pod that it has a low hazard to carbondioxide rebreathing. It can be qlean quickly. The item can be spot clean or machine washed and then air dried. The product won National Parenting Product Awards – Baby and Toddler Products Category. The training toilet was also awarded the Creative Child’s 2019 Travel Product of the Year for Babies.


Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Kits

Yumble kids is an ordered menu that delivers in the home for kids ages 1-12. The personnel for the meal preparation are experts who know what’s not good to children.Some foods can cause allergic reactions to children. The kitchens of yumble kids are strictly following guidelines of USDA inspection. The meals are coded cooked and packaged in insulated boxes with ice packs inorder still be fresh when it arrives at your door.


The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

During Easter time, you can see different designed eggs for the Easter festival. This was designed by Scott Houdashell of Amarillo Texas. Inspired by his nieces and nephews messy egg coloring Scott created prototypes in different forms. In the year 2016, he had an egg model for calories. The container of the egg-shaped holds the hard boiled eggs intactly. The egg can be spinned around. You use the marker to create a design of the spinning hard-boiled egg. The colored markers that mark the egg are non-toxic, It is safe to use and does not cause any hazards to children.

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