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The bestseller products of the Shark Tank are the Detrapel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray which are excellent in removing stains and cleaning your materials. Not only that, the repellent spray is so active in removing dust particles that it can reach until a year to still be effective after spraying it with the liquid stain repellent.


Detrapel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray

Detrapel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray is a type of spray that repels liquids by applying nanotechnology, study of science that limits atoms and molecules movement. The spray is effective in drying, cleaning and removing stains. This product can be used in leather suede, canvas and rubber. This also includes shoes, clothing, furniture, carpets and sports equipment.


David Zomarin invented Detrapel in 2013. To apply the repellent spray: first, brush the dust particles in the surfaces of any materials. Spray the material in a distance of 6 inches away  from the first coating of Detrapel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray then wait for 30 minutes. And on the second coating, you have to wait for 24 hours before the result will take place. The liquid stain repellent spray will still be effective within the one year duration. 


Products like leather and non-porous surfaces, to protect it from dust/stain, spray a thin line on the material and immediately wipe it with a sponge or lent-fine cloth. Then follow the applications for the first coating. Before doing the procedure, check the item first by spraying it only on a small area before spraying on the whole item.


Detrapel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray contains 2.0 ounce that can be used in 8-10 square feet or equivalent to 4 or 5 pairs of shoes. The product offers a whole sale of gallons such as 1- gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums and 220-gallon pallet.


SmartGurlz Coding Robot Dolls

SmartGurlz is a Danish business who deals with highly gadgets that are made for girls from 6-12 years of age all over the globe. What the robot dolls can give is to let the girls be educated in terms of coding. It will be a cool learning process because the girls will learn the coding while doing it in a fun mood and at the same time build their self-confidence through their play.


SmartGurlz Coding Robot Dolls comes in four robot doll designs: Maria, the math whiz, who loves art and caring for animals. Zara, the techie genius who has the pluck and holds the electric guitar. Jun, the science expert, who appreciates martial arts and rock music and Jen, the inventor who fancy tooling around.


The dolls will be connected through a bluetooth with their smartphones and tablets and letting them move by using the joystick in obstacle courses, around the house and outside. The dolls can come out and use 100 different coding mixtures. It will be a great learning from those dolls.


All best selling products are Shark Tank. Visit their website, there are a lot more items to choose from. You might find a better quality and durable material that is best for you.

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