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Popular and Best Selling products from the Shark Tank are created by great thinkers as seen by its usefulness it can give. “The Pop Pacifier Stays Clean When Dropped” is a product that uses the silicone that covers the pacifier every time the pacifier drops thus, the product is always clean. “The Brush Hero – Water Power Detail Brush” is made with a cleaning material where the brush spins while water is flowing out from the product. As for the Pandaloon-Panda pet costumes sell products for your pet’s clothing design, apparel and accessories.


The Pop Pacifier Stays Clean When Dropped

Pacifiers fall off from babies mouth now and then and so mothers are concerned of its cleanliness after it falls down on the floor. The Pop Pacifier stays clean when dropped was a formed idea at first then turned into material after the invention was made by Janna Badger.


The Pop is a single style that is created out of medical grade silicone which reached US and EU safety standards. It does not contain lead, PVC, BPA, latex and phthalates which is hazardous to the health status. It comes with different bright colors. The pacifier stays clean when dropped and the silicone “cloud” will pop out inorder to protect the pacifier from contact on any surfaces.


Brush Hero – Water Powered Detail Brush

Brush hero is the most effective way in cleaning those dreaded dirt and taxing elbow grease on your car and other properties that is exposed to debris. It has a spinning brush that can be slowed and steady to those detailed dirty places. The product doesn’t have to use batteries or power current to function.


The flow of pressurized water from the Brush Hero comes from the powered standard garden hose. It was designed for expert auto detailing to return back to a squeaky clean parts of a car’s wheel like tires, rims, hubcaps and lug nuts. Other things that Brush Hero can be used for are bicycle gears, outdoor furniture, window panes, crud-covered grills, mildew-stricken, boats, recreational cars and bathroom tiles.


Brush Hero comes in set: white brush, trigger handle, turbine body and flow control switch. It consists of a durable plastic component that will not rust with the use of cleaning chemicals and detailing agents.


Pandaloon- Panda Pet Costumes, Apparel and Accessories

First seen on YouTube and recognized as Huxley, Pomeranian puppy who was lucky to have a human friend Eugenia Chen. There were 130 million watchers who like the panda puppy. The viewers like the costume so the site became known for their panda pet costumes, apparel and accessories. 


When the owner’s business boomed, she hired a seamstress and engineers to help design the costume perfectly. The costumes come in three sizes. Height of the pet from paws to ears is the most important measurement to be taken. The face opening and back is easily adjustable.


Eugenia made her business established. She made more styles like polo bear, teddy bear and lion puppy costumes. She also included accessories and apparel. These are hats with paws, cozy slippers, purses, backpacks, dog carriers, and iPhone cases.

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