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BenjiLock-Padlock With Fingerprint Sensor, a best seller product that can be unlocked without using a physical key. A new invention material where fingerprint is used to open the padlock by using a touchscreen. Third Wave Water, a packet of minerals to mix with your brewed coffee to make it a nutritious beverage. Added to that, it will give your coffee a delicious drink to make your senses stir.


BenjiLock-Padlock With Fingerprint Sensor

Conventional padlock needs a key to open the padlock. The padlock could not be open without the key. What if you forgot your key or it is missing? It will be your unlucky day, the padlock can’t be unlocked. Robbie Cabral got an idea about a padlock that can be open using his fingerprint. The invention was created in 2012 and became one of the most favorite items to be bought.


The cylinder padlock has 7-pin who has the same security padlock like the customary lock. The design is heavy duty and is made up of stainless steele  with no keypad or dial numbers to unlock it. To open the BenjiLock padlock, press your fingerprint to the touchscreen, then the padlock will already unlock. Physical lock is still built-in which will be used in resetting the padlock when the lock is tempered.


The padlock can be used to doors, fences, gates, sheds, bike racks and more. It is a rechargeable lock that can be used in a full year with a full charge battery. It can store up to 4 recorded fingerprints. It comes in many colors such as sky white, jet black, brass, copper and stainless steel.


Third Wave Water Makes Coffee Tastes Better

Taylor Minor is a professional connoisseur, making the best coffee is his business. To create the perfect coffee, you should have a bean that is roasted to get the blending right. Although minerals don’t affect the taste of coffee, it is still important to mix it with coffee because minerals are needed to balance electrolytes to our system.


In doing The Third Wave Water, mix a small packet to one gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water then make your coffee. Unlike the household water that contains dolomite, halite, limestone but no minerals, third wave capsules which give minerals, magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate and sodium. The main goal is to create a perfect and delicious coffee. 


Third wave has 2 available flavors: Classic for everyday making coffee and Espresso for stronger coffee. Every package contains a packet of minerals that can make 12 gallons of coffee. 


This product made $26,000 when it was launched. The Third Wave Water has made a wave of innovation due to coffee creation. It was a successful beverage product.

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