The Latest Shark Tank Products

New products are produced in Shark Tank. They are the trending ones. It was produced in different figures and styles. They are eco friendly and quality made bearing the Shark Tank’s trademark.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks which was found by Joe Denim on one of  the 1400 islands in Thailand. He was a sucker for hammocks. When he saw the hammocks for sale on the island, he fell in love with it. It was extraordinary and went looking where it came from.

He found out that it was the Mlabri tribe who made them. “Mlabri” means “people of the forest”. They were called Phi Tong Luang by other tribes which means “spirits of the yellow leaves”. These tribes are hunters and make banana leaves as their roofed in their huts.

In the 1970’s aid workers decided to create income for the villagers in conformed with their culture. They choose weaving to be their source of income. An engineer taught them how to overcome tension and create weaves until a cocoon-like hammock was created. 

Joe headed to Boston and founded the Yellow Leaf Hammocks with his wife Rachel.The hammock was handwoven with a 3.5 miles of yarn and 150,000 loops of interwoven. It weighs less than 2 pounds but it can hold up to 400 pounds. The material is made up of a solution-dyed acrylic. It is very durable, weatherproof and does not fade.

The hammock can be hung from trees, porches, balconies, indoors. It is designed in an anti-wobble and anti-flip way. It also comes in double and king. This product was branded as “best in the world”  B corporation- that balances profit and purpose.

Dreamland Baby Weighted Blanket. Tara Williams was the creator of this product. She was a degree holder in Finance from Bentley University and a certified Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing from University of Stanford. She is an experienced professional in marketing and sales.

The blanket is excellent in quality. It passed the standard of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission including every optional test approval. The tests were as follows: those for lead, phthalates, color fastness, flammability, thermal transmittance, sharp edges and points, and any suffocation hazards.

The fabric is 100% soft and cotton made. There is a two-way zipper for diapers. The blanket is made of a non-toxic poly pellet bead that is evenly distributed. It comes in three sizes: 0-6 months is 26” which comes with a detachable swaddle wing; 6-12 months is 30” and 12-22 months is 34’’

Thermal Overall Grade: Weighted Sack for this product is on a scale of 0.6. This indicates that the sack can be paired.

Rollingreens Plant Based Wings Ant Tots. The first organic food truck in Boulder,CO. Rollingreens Millet Tot is the most nutritious food. It is the only wholegrain non potato tot found in the market.

There are other trending products available in Shank Tank: the mad optimist soap and bath products for baby care and mcsquares dry erase whiteboard tiles. These products are quality made, eco friendly and durable. These products are all new in the market. check out Shark Tank for further details.


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