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FidgetLand Fidget Toys is a popular product for fidgeting that helps improve the ability to concentrate and focus on a given task. It can also be used as a coping mechanism for autism Asperger syndrome and is very helpful to remove some bad habits. Another product that became one of consumer’s favorite is Grypmat Non- Slip Flexible Tool Tray, a tool that can be placed anywhere and a tool that has a sensitive electronic conductor.


FidgetLand Fidget Toys

Fidgeting helps one’s ability to concentrate, it gives an output by releasing excess energy so one can have a strong focus on a given task. Aside from distracting oneself from stress  and anxiety, fidgeting can also help people cope up with autism, Asperger syndrome. In doing the fidget, it can help remove habits like smoking, nail biting and overeating.


Jason Burns is the creator of FidgetLand Fidget toys. They sometimes call him Fidget Man. He started the business in 2009. He initiated his creation for personal use to cope up with his attention deficit disorder. He styled as many as he can prototypes until he perfected a fidget style and was satisfied with it. He invented a fidget that feels like a fluid and something that he could play with and a material that fits in his pocket.


He first sold the fidget on a website called The feedback was a success. Many consumers like the product. The fidget comes in a variety of designs. His first fidget creation is Noah, these are rings, spacers and rollers. The biggest design that he created is the Chaney fidget which is similar to a small ring bicycle chain that can be fitted in the hand. The sizes that he created come in different sizes from tiny to jumbo. The huge fidgets have more heavy and more pieces are built into it. The silicone and stainless steel give more variety of textures inorder to stir a more tactile experience.


Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray

Tom Burden did an invention on Grypmat non-slip flexible tool tray. It is an item that he needs to put on his expensive equipment tools. Added to his creative invention, he designed his tray tool where it can stay anywhere that won’t scratch any surfaces, when it slides off onto the floor or any fragile part of your working station. It is a tray that can hold tools at many angles. The tool tray was built in a static way when placed in a sensitive electronic component. It can be quickly clean with soap and water because it is made capable of resisting chemicals. 


Grypmat is manufactured by Grypshon Industries and established in 2013. A program by the University of Wisconsin Extension Division for Business and Entrepreneurship is giving capital donation and guidance to develop prototypes and create Grypmats.


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