Ways to Make Your Baby Potty Break More Exciting

Potty training your child can be daunting, but with some patience and ingenuity, you can make it as fun as possible! This article will outline ways to make potty training more exciting for your baby. From silly games to bribery tactics, we’ve got you covered!

The toilet training journey must be undertaken jointly by you and your child. We will experience success and failure at various points in our lives. Toilet training is a long process, so it’s important to remember that even when it appears your child won’t get it, fresh advances might be right around the corner.

The good news is that toilet training can play with games, and inventive potty-training rewards go beyond simple pleasure. The transition from ever using diapers to using the toilet may also be made successfully! You may be sure to locate anything on this website that works for your youngster, thanks to the wide selection of top-notch and straightforward ideas.Ways to Make Your Baby Potty Break More Exciting, Best Shark Tank Products

Teaching your baby to go potty on their own

Make learning to use the toilet independently as fun as possible for your child. However, one of the mandatory things you can do in any case. Here are some ideas for getting your baby to use the restroom:

  • Keep a potty chart in your child’s room. This will help them keep track of how many times they have gone potty and which parts of the house they have visited.
  • Make sure there are plenty of opportunities for your baby to go potty. When you’re out and about, try to take them to places they are likely to want to go potty (like the bathroom at a restaurant).
  • Reward your baby when they go potty on their own. This can be anything from a big smile to a particular toy.

Ways to Make Your Baby Potty Break More Exciting, Best Shark Tank Products

  • They were playing games while your baby went potty.

Playing games while your infant uses the restroom is one method to make the experience more fun. Potty games come in a wide variety and may be purchased offline or online. Some of the most well-liked games are Keep Away and Big Toilet, in which you try to keep your baby away from the potty while they use it. In Big Toilet, you strive to cover as much of the toilet as possible before your baby reaches the bottom.

Trying out different cuisines while taking bathroom breaks is another suggestion. Try offering fresh meals during your baby’s potty break if they are having trouble using them. It could only involve promoting a new yogurt flavor or a piece of fresh fruit. Alternatively, you may consider preparing a special meal just for bathroom breaks made with excretion in mind. This may apply to dishes like rice with peas or bananas with chocolate chips.

Ways to Make Your Baby Potty Break More Exciting, Best Shark Tank Products

  • Using puppets or dolls to teach your baby about going potty

One way to make your baby’s potty break more exciting is to use puppets or dolls to teach them about going potty. This can help them to associate going potty with fun and excitement.

Another way to make your baby’s potty break more exciting is to have them do different activities when they go potty. This can include playing catch, making a sandcastle, or taking a bath. Having fun activities associated with potty makes your baby more likely to want to go on the toilet.


  • Giving your baby stickers or other rewards for going potty

One way to make potty breaking more exciting for your baby is to give them stickers or other rewards for going. This will help them feel like they are achieving something and make the process fun. You can also try some potty training games. These games help babies learn how to go on their own and can be very entertaining.


  •  Sing a potty song

Create some absurd song lyrics that you and your child may sing while using the restroom. It can also help them maintain their composure while waiting for the pee or feces to come out. It’s an excellent method to make them feel comfortable discussing what they must do in the bathroom.

Ways to Make Your Baby Potty Break More Exciting, Best Shark Tank Products

  • Make potty time story time.

Pick out interesting toilet-specific literature. It’s much fun to read silly children’s poetry, picture books with lively illustrations and simple plots, and books with humorous language and rhythms with your child while they wait for the bathroom. Your youngster will have something to look forward to when they need to use the restroom with the help of these books.

  • Make it a scientific investigation.

Ask your youngster to predict what color the toilet water will change after they urinate by putting a few drops of food coloring to it. Next time, let them experiment with a different hue. Even try blending other shades. Yellow and blue combine to make green.

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