What is Diaper Dust?

Mark Cuban normally does not invest in firms that do not have a track record of success – but the billionaire entrepreneur and start-up investor may have lately broken his own rule.

And as a side hustle, at that.

Diaper Dust was featured on Friday’s edition of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Regina Crisci, the company’s CEO, developed a deodorising powder including activated charcoal and sodium bicarbonate that can be sprinkled on dirty diapers before tossing them away. She began her side enterprise in December 2020, producing the product in her North Carolina garden and selling it online while working full-time as a travel nurse.


Dirty Diaper

The product’s simplicity drew attention: parents simply sprinkled the dust onto a dirty diaper before wrapping it up and throwing it away. But Crisci didn’t have the time to grow the patent-pending product while also working as a nurse.

Crisci informed the Sharks, “I’m searching for mentorship.” “I’m out of place in this space, yet it’s the right room for me since you have so much to offer.”

Crisci asked for $75,000 in exchange for 40% of Diaper Dust and assistance in locating a factory to help her scale inventory. The issue, according to the majority of the Sharks, was that it was a high ask for a firm with only $3,000 in lifetime revenue at the time of the episode

The proposition was promptly rejected by Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner, who said they were impressed by Crisci’s courage but that it was too early in Diaper Dust’s economic trajectory for investment.

Shark as a guest Emma Grede, CEO of Good American, also walked away from the arrangement, recommending Crisci to work with “mum influencers” on social media to increase brand recognition.

Crisci obviously choked up as a result of the rejections. She stated that she was absolutely devoted to making her side hustle a success – and that she was prepared to quit her day job to pursue Diaper Dust full-time with the assistance of the proper mentor.

“You’ve proven that you’re an entrepreneur in every way,” Cuban stated. “In the backyard, you worked out how to manufacture this muck.” You discovered how to market it. You worked out the formulas. You managed to achieve it all although [business] was not your first language.”

Without hesitation, Cuban consented to Crisci’s proposal. “Thank you very much for what you do for other people,” he said to Crisci after she agreed to the transaction. “Now it’s time for you to get some aid.”

Crisci, who appears to still be working as a travel nurse on the Diaper Dust website, said she was “grateful and blown away” by the experience.


How do you make use of diaper dust?


Diaper dust deodorised the filthy diaper thoroughly. Simply sprinkle it in the diaper, wrap it up, and toss it. It completely removes the odour!


What are the components of diaper dust?


Diaper Dust, the startup, was featured on Friday’s edition of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Regina Crisci, the company’s CEO, developed a deodorising powder made of activated charcoal and sodium bicarbonate that can be sprinkled over dirty diapers before tossing them away.


Flash Donation


Diaper Dust is a powder that is sprinkled inside the diaper before it is placed in the diaper pail. The powder masks the odour. To assist parents who may be unable to purchase diapers, the firm runs “Flash Donation” events, which raise funds for diaper banks in various places. They also make direct donations to diaper banks based on the quantity of bottles sold.

Regina believes that her experience building her firm and bringing Diaper Dust to market has taught her that no matter what the universe throws at you, including a pandemic, you can achieve anything if you genuinely want to. However, she underlines that you cannot simply wish for something to happen; you must work for it!


Diaper Dust was released


She concluded in January 2021 that other parents would most likely be interested in purchasing her goods. Regina started looking at branding, marketing, and business tax needs. She hired a patent attorney and formed A Parent Company, LLC in July 2021. Diaper Dust was released in December of 2021.

Update on the Diaper Dust Shark Tank


While no verifiable proof exists that the contract with Mark was completed, Regina told the Miami Herald that Mark “and his crew have been amazing.” The product was totally sold out within hours of its initial air date. Regina is still employed as a nurse as of June 2022.

Where Is Diaper Dust Now?

Diaper odour has long been a source of frustration for parents everywhere. As a result, when Regina Crisci presented Diaper Dust on season 13 episode 14 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ she drew a lot of attention. The odour eliminator is a quick and simple solution for anyone who is suffering to get rid of the stink of soiled diapers. A piece of this calibre definitely merits a second look. As a result, we decided to dive in and learn everything we could about Diaper Dust!


Who Are Diaper Dust and What Do They Do?

Regina Crisci, the creator of Diaper Dust, earned her Associate of Arts and Sciences Nursing Degree from Frederick Community College in 2010 and has since worked as a registered nurse. She has worked as a floor nurse, manager, and assistant director at a variety of nursing facilities. In addition, she has worked as an IMC contract nurse at a Level 1 trauma centre in Eastern North Carolina.Regina claimed that her son had strong-smelling diapers when he was born in 2018. Regina despised the odour that radiated from his diaper pail, and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get rid of it. She started double bagging the diapers and ultimately scented the pail, but nothing worked. Furthermore, the skilled nurse was taken aback when she went online to look for a solution and found none. Regina, determined to solve her dilemma, put her mind to it and came up with Diaper Dust.

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