Who was Andy Thomas?

The Kettle Gryp was co-founded by Andy Thomas and Daniel Shephard. They had known one other since high school. When it came to travelling and flying, they always had the same interests. This prompted them to collaborate on a new business endeavour. They developed the Kettle Gryp after several trials and marketed their concept to millionaires in Shark Tanks. Lori Greiner even offered them a $30,000 contract.

In addition to being the co-founder of the Shark Tank product, Daniel Shephard was the president of Pangolin Design Group. Andy Thomas was the CEO of the same. He previously spent 20 years as a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. Kettle Gryp was inspired by his love of exercise and travel. He would frequently stand out in Shark Tanks due to his good attitude and enthusiastic speeches. He also attended Ellenville High School and graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in construction science and engineering.

How did Andy Thomas die ?

Andy Thomas, a Shark Tank star, died after a battle with cancer.

The co-founder of Kettle Gryp was just 47 years old.Shark Tank pays tribute to the former participant who was a fan favourite after his high-energy presentation garnered Lori Greiner a $30,000 contract.

During a Shark Tank episode, entrepreneur Lori shared the awful news.

“In Memory of Andrew Thomas, loving husband and father, courageous Marine, closest of friends,” she said. Co-founder of Kettle Gryp.Andy served as a United States Marine Corps helicopter pilot for two decades before finding fame on the show.The former Marine was the co-founder of the Kettle Gryp, along with his high school friend Daniel Shepherd Shark Tank star Andy Thomas has died with cancer.They designed the training equipment to be portable for gym rats who enjoy travelling.Andy was a whirlwind of enthusiasm as they proposed their proposal to the Shark Tank millionaires.

Lori Greiner agreed to a $30,000 contract because of his good attitude.

Fans of the programme rejoiced last week when the Kettle Gryp founders were awarded a $30,000 agreement to expand their business.




What is Kettle Gryp?

The Kettle Gryp exercise gadget is characterised as a method of providing customers with “unique workouts that enhance functional strength and range of motion.”

According to the website, kettlebells can be expensive and difficult to transport, but this gadget is portable and lightweight.The workout equipment is also made to “fit most dumbbell handles.”

Who established Kettle Gryp?

Kettle Gryp founders Daniel “Dan” Sheppard and Andrew “Andy” Thomas appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 13. While their proposal was successful, the show’s closing credits left viewers devastated and stunned. Thomas, 47, died from cancer last year. At the end of Episode 13, ABC and Shark Tank paid homage.

Kettle Grey’s distinguishing qualities include:

  • Kettle Gryp carries conveniently in a carry-on or bag and is lightweight and small, allowing you to take your training with you.
  • Adaptable: Kettle Gryp rapidly transitions from one weight to another and is intended to accommodate most dumbbell handles.
  • Kettle Gryp is a less expensive alternative to kettlebells.


Each Kettle Gryp is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), moulded urethane foam inserts, and stainless steel fasteners. With a weight of less than one pound, it will not have a substantial impact on the weight or feel of the dumbbell, and the design allows for simple attachment and detachment from one dumbbell to another, making the grip flexible for various athletes. While the Kettle Gryp may not fully replicate the motion of a kettlebell (due to weight distribution on a dumbbell), it can provide many of the same advantages at a fraction of the cost.


Shark Tank is the American equivalent of Dragons Den in the United Kingdom However, towards the end of the programme, there was a memorial to Andy Thomas following his death.The American equivalent of Dragon’s Den is Shark Tank.In recent years, Dragon’s Den has helped establish several remarkable firms, but the show has also lost a few opportunities.One of the candidates who participated on the hit BBC show this week explained how he recovered after being rejected.Mark Wong, an entrepreneur, pitched his non-alcoholic beer to Sara Davies, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, and Touker Suleyman, as well as new Dragon Steven Bartlett.He emigrated to the UK as a youngster from Hong Kong, unable to communicate in English, yet went on to study philosophy at Durham University.After being diagnosed with alcohol-induced liver impairment, he was forced to give up his work as a wine expert, forcing him to consider non-alcoholic alternatives.

On Shark Tank, what happened to Kettle Bell and Andy Thomas

The Shark Tank episode concluded with an homage to Andy Thomas, a US Marine Corps helicopter pilot who served for 20 years. Andy Thomas and Daniel Sheppard, the proprietors of Kettle Gryp, left the tank grinning from ear to ear after obtaining a $300,000 contract from Lori Greiner on ‘Shark Tank.’ While supporters were overjoyed with Kettle Gryp’s triumph, they were taken aback when the show ended with an homage to Andy Thomas.

Andy Thomas, Shark Tank

Andy, a twenty-year Marine Corps helicopter pilot, stunned Sharks and fans with his high-energy presentation and upbeat demeanour. Lori’s Twitter followers were shocked to learn of his passing. Lori broke the news with a photo of a tribute that said, “In Memory of Andrew Thomas, Loving Husband and Father, Fearless Marine Dearest of Friends.” Kettle Gryp co-founder. The Shark also left the late businessman a heartfelt letter. Here’s to you, Andrew! He was a great American hero, a beloved husband, father, and friend to many. Your dedication to @KettleGryp and your buddy Daniel will be remembered. We’re thrilled to collaborate with you and assist you in carrying on your legacy with Kettle Gryp.

Who Was Shark Tank Contestant Andy Thomas, AKA ‘The Toy Man’?

Andy Thomas was the co-founder of Kettle Gryp as well as the CEO of Pangolin Design Group.He earned a bachelor’s degree in construction science and engineering from Clemson University.He was a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years.Following his retirement, he embarked on his entrepreneurial career as CEO and main designer.Thomas co-founded the Pangolin Design Group with one of his boyhood friends, and then co-founded Kettle Gryp, which was pitched to Shark Tank for prospective funding.While Sheppard and Thomas’presentation for Kettle Gryp was accepted, viewers were taken aback when the program paid respect to one of the two co-founders at the end of episode 13 on January 28, 2022.

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