Shark Tank Products: Sports and Outdoors

There are tools and equipment needed when doing sports and going outdoors.It will be a maximum fun experience outdoors if everything is in place and all materials that you will use are all packed. There will be no anxious feelings when you play sports.

 Kymera Electric Body Board                                                                                                      Jason Woods is the creator of Kymera Electric Body Board who has a real passion for product design. To use the board: lay down on the deck padded with neoprene. For the acceleration and deceleration, use the hand trigger and wheeled it using the hips and feet.

At top speed, it can ride around at 20 mph. The body board of Jason Woods was one of the 10 winners of the Popular Science in 2011 Invention of the Year. The kymera is less expensive and more convenient than the watercraft.


Pick Up Pools For Truck Bed

Tom Prestella is the founder and CEO of Pick Up Pools. This product is made up of 20 ml polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has a patent pending stretch to it so that it will stay in place over it’s corners. There are no cords and ropes needed. The bottom, both sides and exterior flaps are welded so it will be impenetrable and tearing resistant.

After pooling, open the drain then water flows out. You don’t need to lower the tailgate. The vinyl is made in Virginia and the pool is assembled in California. It is one of the Best Camping Accessories of 2017 and Gadget Flow, a created e-commerce marketplace has given the Pick Up Pool a Five-Star rating.


Sproing Fitness Low Impact Running Surface

The product offers sponges, soft surfaces with elastic resistance bands to keep your posture to a right running position: leaning forward and step down with the heel instead of the forefoot in a low impact. Sproing Fitness has approved the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is characterized by the intervals between high-intensity cardiovascular and strength on power exercises.

Doing the exercise in 45 minutes which is a 10-minute warm-up and 30 minutes of Intense Interval Training which results in fat burning, muscle toning and exercise body conditioning.


Ski-2 Rolling Ski Carrier

Ski-2 is a carrier lift for skiing. It is a caddy on a wheel with a low precision bearing. To put your ski in the caddy, insert in then tie it with a Velero hook and loop fastener. The ski can be pulled out or pushed in the caddy on any surface. It is styled with roll-over is easy carrying it in the snow pavement or ground. The carrier is light in weight and can be fitted easily in the ski jacket pockets.

SnapClips Baseball Collar for Weights

Martin Dimitrov and Ryan Caulfield are the ones who introduced snap clips. They decided to enter it in the District 214 start-up showcase and won first place and a $400 prize. This product is formulated from military grade Kevlar. In using their snapclip , it secures weights easily. Weights stay in place during heavy lifting and repeated drops. Using the item for the weights will prevent from accidental hazards.



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